Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Group and Educational trips to See The Narnia Film


Leaders, Teachers, Principals

Make plans for a PRIVATE SHOWING for your school or class.

Because of the educational community’s amazing and unprecedented response to this film, many theatres are offering special private showings for schools only at 10:00 AM from December 9-16. Minimum purchase is 30 tickets.

Contact the Disney Group Sales line at 1-866-333-0045.

Imagine the perfect field trip for your students. One that helps them:

Your students will learn about forgiveness, sacrifice, redemption, loyalty and so much more. Our FREE school kit and Educators’ Guide will provide a DVD, poster, and classroom activities to reinforce the messages of the film. (Order yours from

A trip to see one of the most beloved stories in children’s literature brought to life on the big screen: a tale with great adventure, breathtaking special effects, and timeless storytelling. Your students will look forward to it for weeks and talk about it for months after.
The themes in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe will supply raw material for your classes to explore for months. Some schools are planning Narnia fairs, while others are offering special Narnia-themed family nights, using our FREE Narnia Event Kit. (Order yours from You can be sure that your students will have shared a wonderful, inspiring experience that they can talk about for months to come.
Contact the Disney Group Sales line at 1-866-333-0045. They will provide you with the correct contact information for the theatre closest to you. You may then contact the theatre manager or group sales specialist to book your tickets.

Ensure you have enough tickets for the showing you want to attend by contacting the Disney Group Sales line at 1-866-333-0045. They will provide you with the correct contact information for a theatre near you.


  • Where can the buses park?
  • What happens if kids are absent that day? May we get a refund on their tickets?
  • If I buy tickets for my class, do I get my own ticket for free? (A lot of museums and theme parks make this offer.)
  • If we can’t get there for 10:00 AM, can we schedule a private showing for 10:30 or 11:00?
  • At the 10:00 AM showing, can I have time to address my students before and after?
  • How do we pay for tickets? What if I need to have an invoice before I can get a check cut? (Teachers are not going to have a credit card number.)
  • What time does the film end so I may tell the bus driver to pull up to the door?

Vice Chairman of Voter Education

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