Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Pennsylvania Family Institute--Judicial Voter's Guide

Dear Friend of the Family,

I am proud to announce that Pennsylvania Family Institute has produced its first-ever "Judicial Voter's Guide," which faithfully publishes the responses of judicial candidates (both statewide and at the county levels) to our questionnaire.  The Guide is available online, and can be downloaded and printed.

Unfortunately, many candidates failed to respond at all to our questionnaire, or in some cases, refused to answer certain questions.  Nevertheless, there are a good number of responses, which we believe will be helpful for citizens looking to cast an informed vote. 

We are working within the courts to increase the response rate for future Judicial Voter's Guides; in the meantime, we hope this first effort will meet with your approval.

To go to the Guide, simply click on the link below, and when you reach the Pennsylvania Family Institute website, click on the Citizen Voters Guide graphic.


Please help spread the word about this new resource for responsible citizenship!

Vice Chairman of Voter Education




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