Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Protecting the Rite of Abortion

Protecting the Rite of Abortion

The left has stepped into the fray over the nomination of Harriet Miers now that something definitive has come forth on her view of abortion. In 1989, as a candidate for the Dallas city council, Ms. Miers completed a questionnaire for Texans United for Life. In the questionnaire Ms. Miers said she would "actively support" efforts by the Texas legislature to limit abortions and if the Supreme Court ever returned the right to legislatures to decide on abortion policy she would support reinstating Texas's 1973 law, which allowed abortion only to save the mother's life.

This is the most promising information that we have received about the current Supreme Court nominee. Those who are jumping up and down because of Miers' stated opposition to the rite of abortion should read her words closely. She said she would support legislative action to protect life. She thereby acknowledged it is not the role of the court to set public policy, but rather the elected representatives of the people. Because the abortion decisions are the epitome of judicial activism this gives us some insight, and I would say evidence, that she does hold a philosophy of judicial restraint. We will continue to follow this nomination closely. In the meantime, expect the attacks from single- minded pro-abortion Senators and activists to intensify against this nominee.

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