Thursday, October 20, 2005

United Christian Coalition Formed in Baghdad

Sorry, but I couldn't resist this news story.... I was tempted to rename it "Christian Coalition relocates to Iraq" =)

Steve Ulrich


United Christian Coalition Formed in Baghdad

(ZNDA: Baghdad) At a meeting held in Baghdad's Babil Chaldean Club on 18 October, a coalition of Christian political parties was formed which includes the following groups:

1. Armenian Democratic Gathering

2. Assyrian Patriotic Party

3. Bet Nahrain Democratic Party

4. Bet Nahrain Patriotic Union

5. Chaldean Democratic Forum

6. Chaldean Democratic Union Party

7. Chaldean National Congress

8. Christian Democratic Brotherhood Party

9. Christian Democratic Party

10. General Assyrian Conference

11. Suryan Independent Assembly Movement

The groups had once before met at the al-Mashriq Club in Baghdad on 11 October. The meeting included representatives from the Assyrian Democratic Movement or Zowaa also which is not represented in this coalition which plans to run on a single slate at the upcoming parliamentary elections on 15 December, 2005 in Iraq.

The draft of a working paper was proposed at the October 11th meeting. Four groups - the Assyrian Patriotic Party, Bet Nahrain Democratic Party, Assyrian Democratic Movement, and the General Assyrian Conference, opposed the first point noted in this working paper which calls for the formation of a"higher central authority" with powers and privileges to represent all Christians in all official communications. The other eight groups approved it.

The General Assyrian Conference issued a clarification rejecting any motion to represent the Christian people of Iraq as Christians only.

Point 2 of the working paper called for the formation of a coalition of political parties to run on a single ticket in the December 15th elections. The motion was agreed upon unanimously.


Vice Chairman of Voter Education

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