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Worldwide Members for Life Newsletter, November 8, 2005 Election

by William Depner

There are no state legislative, congressional or presidential elections in “off-year” elections, the odd-numbered years like 2005. Nevertheless there may still be important elections in your state. In Pennsylvania, the off-year elections contain races for county commissioners and the important judges for county courts of Common Pleas, the state Commonwealth and Superior Courts and the PA Supreme Court. These courts are increasingly making changes that are destroying republican government and the rule of law. They are fabricating “rights” that don’t exist, destroying constitutional rights and procedures the do exist, and overturning the public morals necessary to sustain a civil society. It is ominous. Psalm 11:3 says “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

The Pennsylvania ballot contains a vote on “retention of judges”. The retention of judges on the ballot provides a good way to remove bad judges if more voters know and use it.

Justices Russel Nigro and Sandra Newman have retention votes on the November 8 ballot for the PA Supreme Court. Nigro and Newman are both pro-abortion with a history of bad decisions, including the Act 71 decision below. Join the campaign to remove bad judges. Vote ‘No” on the retention of Justices Nigro and Newman on the PA Supreme Court. Spread the word #



This is a story of emerging tyranny.

While Christians blindly follow misguided church leaders and abandon civic duty, state governors and courts are becoming populated with unprincipled tyrants. We are increasingly experiencing their havoc and the demise of justice and the morals that are required for personal and societal stability.

During the Industrial Revolution following the Civil War, growth in the corporate form of business organization led to concentrations of wealth and the corruption of legislators for special laws, logrolling and favoritism. The PA Constitutional Convention of 1872-73 convened to reform corrupt legislative behavior. The Constitution was amended in Article III, para. 3 to state: “No bill shall be passed containing more than one subject, which shall be clearly expressed in its title.”

The original bill that became Act 71, Gov. Ed Rendell’s massive slots bill, was only 1-page long and titled: “An Act Providing for the Duties of the Pennsylvania State Police Regarding Criminal History Background Reports for Persons Participating in Harness or Horse Racing”. Without public hearings or input, a comprehensive slot machine bill (Act 71) emerged from this 1-page bill with wide ranging topics. It created a Pennsylvania (Gambling) Control Board, the issuance of gambling licenses authorizing the creation of a variety of slot machine casinos, the generation and distribution of revenues from the licenses, the creation of numerous funds including the (Gambling) Fund, the Pennsylvania Horse Race Fund, the Gambling and Economic Development and Tourism Fund, the Property Tax Relief Fund and even a Compulsive and Problem Gambling Treatment Fund for the people they would make sick by gambling! Act 71 also eliminated government investigative and police powers and replaced them with an independent “gambling commission” that controls all investigations of gambling and of itself, thus giving gambling interests exactly what they want. Organized crime cannot be far away. Without public hearings or debate, the bill authorized 61,000 highly addictive slot machines, more than any state except Nevada, which will profoundly corrupt public morals and let gambling interests and organized crime control state government.

In 2005, the PA Supreme Court ruled on a legal challenge to the slots bill asserting that it violated the single purpose provision of Art. III of the Pennsylvania Constitution. The Court ignored both the intent and the letter of Article III, whose purpose was to prevent special interests from ramming their projects through the legislature, and upheld the gambling bill that Gov. Rendell and the gambling interests had rammed through the legislature! Some things just stay the same.

Act 72 is a plan of Gov. Rendell to use gambling revenues to lower property taxes in local school districts, which would deepen the state’s dependence on gambling. However, in an unforeseen development, an overwhelming majority of the local school boards rejected the gambling revenue from the state which would diminish their control. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Acting like a king or a supreme court justice, Gov. Rendell called a special session of the state legislature and demanded that legislators force local school districts to accept gambling lucre. The Governor said it was a flawed concept in the first place to allow school districts to vote on accepting gambling revenue. Furthermore, Rendell said that if the legislature does not pass property tax relief in this session, he’ll call special sessions until they do. Gov. Rendell said that neither the local school districts nor the People should be permitted to vote on it, showing such disdain for the democratic process. Like the ACLU, Gov. Rendell is using the democratic process to destroy democracy. ##

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