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AFA of PA ACTION ALERT: Will Our Tax Dollars Continue Paying for Homosexual Event?



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May 24, 2007


Governor Rendell’s Budget – Will it Continue Funding Pro-Homosexual Event Equality Forum?


As legislators continue debating Governor Rendell’s $27.3 billion budget, the AFA of PA today contacted all the State Representatives and State Senators asking them to further defund the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED).  Why?  Because they continue giving grant money to the homosexual organization Equality Forum.  Click here to read the news release. 


Using the Right to Know Law the AFA of PA has uncovered the fact that we, as taxpayers, have paid Equality Forum $275,000 since 2003!    This money has been given them through DCED grants for Tourist Product Development, Employment & Community Conservation and Community Revitalization Assistance.   The money has been used to help finance their annual week-long event – which includes activities such as panel discussions on same-sex unions, homosexual parenting, LGBT networking in Hollywood and ‘Being Out and Open in the Work Place.”   Click here to read the entire schedule.  I don’t know how these activities fall under tourism development or community conservation or revitalization.  


 The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the City of Philadelphia have both listed as sponsors for the past several years.  So, if you live in Philadelphia, you get to pay twice!


If Governor Rendell’s new budget is approved as is, taxpayers will be asked to pay a 7% sales tax instead of 6%, increased fees for motor vehicles and driver’s licenses, and the possibility of a 12.5 cent per gallon gas tax.  Additionally, employers who do not offer workers health insurance will be forced to pay a 3 percent payroll tax


As of April 30, the Revenue Department says, the state had collected $22.8 billion in sales, income, corporate and other taxes.


$275,000 may be a ‘drop in the bucket,’ but where should the budget cuts begin?  Should we be forced to fund an organization whose sole purpose is to undermine traditional values and redefine marriage and family?





1.)  Contact your State Senator and your State Representative and ask them to restrict the money in the 2008 budget that the DCED can use for grants.   We do not want our tax dollars to be used to fund Equality Forum or any other homosexual event.   Click here for contact information for both of your state elected officials.   Key in your county or nine-digit zip code in the upper right hand corner. 


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