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God's lessons learned during construction, opening of Creation Museum

God's lessons learned during construction, opening of Creation Museum

Allie Martin
May 29, 2007

Board members, staff, and volunteers at the new Creation Museum in northern Kentucky say skeptics who take the time to tour the 60,000-square-foot facility are impressed. And one board member with Answers in Genesis says he learned many lessons from God during the planning and construction of the recently opened museum.

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The $27 million Creation Museum, a project of Answers in Genesis (AIG), opened to the public on Memorial Day. Overflow crowds visited the site over the weekend, as did a handful of protesters outside the gate to the museum. But leading up to opening day, ministry staff invited both supporters and skeptics to tour the facility.

Dan Chin, an Answers in Genesis board member from Illinois, says many of those who questioned the biblical account of creation had rave reviews when they visited the museum.

"We heard a lot of stories from staff here, where they talk about people who really are against this message that they thought they understood," Chin says. "And as they walk through the museum and can really get a clear picture of what we're saying, they say [it] really makes a lot of sense and their eyes are opened."

The Creation Museum features a number of exhibits supporting the biblical account of creation. Evidently God chose the museum's planning and construction phases to feature how he keeps his promises as well. Chin says he learned a great deal about God's provision and timing during the past few years.

According to the AIG board member, continued construction of the facility was contingent upon certain funds being received by a certain time. But "the Lord always provided," says Chin, "and we never hit one of those times" when construction had to stop. It was a walk of faith, he shares, to see the museum through to completion.

"And just to think back on where we started, and we were thinking ... maybe it was going to be a $10 million museum," he recalls. "And then we were asked to step out in faith and make a decision that we would support a $25 million [museum] and now it's 27 [million dollars]. So the Lord has been so good to us and has provided in such abundance."

Chin says the Creation Museum is overwhelming, and he believes it will be a powerful evangelistic tool to bring many people to Christ.



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