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A modern-day Paul Revere

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A modern-day Paul Revere

A modern-day Paul Revere

World Net Daily, Posted: May 24, 2007
1:00 a.m. Eastern

The compromise immigration bill brokered by Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl that would
grant amnesty to millions of people now living in our country illegally has
left most Americans feeling powerless. However, there is one bright light in
the blackness presently covering the immigration abyss.

For those of you who think there are no longer any patriots among American
office holders, I offer Daryl Metcalfe, a member of the Pennsylvania House
of Representatives, as Exhibit 1.

What does a lowly state representative from Butler County have to do with
you? He is a modern-day Paul Revere and just may be the last great hope for
those of us who want our borders secured and our immigration laws enforced.

Instead of a borrowed horse, Metcalfe and his small but dedicated staff ride
the phone lines and the Internet into the night in the effort to warn state
representatives in all 50 states of the impending danger and urge them to
join the effort to protect the American people against this foreign invasion
that is undermining our national security and draining our resources. The
legislators who have joined him have pledged to get the job done at the
state and local level by cutting off all economic incentives to these
invaders. Presently, lawmakers from 25 state legislatures have signed on as
pioneer members of State Legislators for Legal Immigration

It's not only a time-consuming task, but there is absolutely no economic
incentive for Metcalfe. Imagine that! Metcalfe is an Army veteran who spent
two years defending the border between East and West Germany during the Cold
War, and he is appalled that the federal government will not defend our
borders against invaders armed with little more than the clothes on their
backs. To say we cannot defend our borders is disingenuous at the very

Through the efforts of Rep. Metcalfe and others, the Pennsylvania
Legislature passed a joint concurrent resolution calling on President George
W. Bush and the United States Congress to secure our borders and protect
American citizens from the dangers of unlawful invasion and illegal
immigration. Late last year, it was sent to members of the Pennsylvania
delegation in Washington and to the White House. What was the result? It was
completely ignored!

Metcalfe and his legislative colleagues then redoubled their efforts. In
March, they introduced the National Security Begins at Home package, which
contains five new bills designed to shut off employment access and other
economic faucets that have been luring illegal aliens to their state.

While the president and members of Congress missed the message voters were
trying to send in the 2006 election, state legislators got that message loud
and clear. In 2007, 1,169 illegal-immigration reform bills and resolutions
have been introduced in the 50 states, more than double the number for all
of last year. Fifty-seven of those reform measures already have been

Metcalfe's counterpart in the Arizona Legislature is Rep. Russell Pearce, a
charter member of State Legislators for Legal Immigration. The actions of
Sen. Kyl left him perplexed and caused dozens of Republicans in his state to
change their party affiliation in disgust.

Ironically, any meaningful reform legislation Pearce could get through his
state legislature would be vetoed by Democrat Gov. Janet Napolitano.
Therefore, he has worked tirelessly to get a series of reform measures on
the ballot, which have been overwhelmingly approved by voters. More are in

Kyl was re-elected to the U.S. Senate in 2006 as a staunch conservative and
a strong advocate for border security and true immigration reform. During
that campaign, Kyl was asked for his definition of amnesty. It was this:
"Any bill that allows those who enter this country illegally to remain in
the U.S." The bill Kyl just brokered would do just that.

Want to know why Kyl and his comrades have named their new visa for illegals
the "Z" visa? "It's as far away from the 'A' word as they can get," Pearce
quipped. "I call it 'zamnesty.'"

It's no secret why the president went after Kyl to broker a compromise, but
why did Kyl acquiesce? Was he promised a Supreme Court nomination should
another vacancy occur? What about the attorney general's post? We will have
to wait and see.

Yes, there are many things that can turn the heads of powerful U.S. senators
but state representatives are much closer to voters and much more likely to
feel your pain. State Legislator for Legal Immigration has identified the
problems and offered real solutions. It represents a
21st century Declaration of Independence. Go to to see if your state
legislators have signed on.

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