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National Pro-Life Religious Council Mourns Passing of Rev. Jerry Falwell

Christian Legal Society Celebrates the Life and Mourns the Loss of Dr. Falwell

SPRINGFIELD, Va., May 16 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following text is released by the Christian Legal Society:

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ:

On behalf of our Board of Directors and Christian Legal Society members throughout the United States, we join with Dr. Falwell's beloved wife Macel, his sons Jerry Jr and Jonathan, Dr. Falwell's entire family, the Liberty University community, and his Thomas Road Baptist congregation to celebrate the life and mourn the loss of a beloved Founder and Chancellor, Senior Pastor, father and friend, Jerry Falwell. All who mourn his passing are in our thoughts and prayers.

While we are sure that Dr. Falwell would not have missed the opportunity to minister the all-sufficient grace of Jesus to Ralph Waldo Emerson's well-known religious doubts, we can thank Emerson the poet for wisely describing the success in a life well-lived life Jerry Falwell so exemplified:

"To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and affection of children; to learn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to leave the world a little bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded."

We are grateful for Dr Falwell's life-long moral leadership, pastoral example and courageous perseverance. Thanks to his early stand for life and religious liberty, our defense of these inalienable rights remains vigilant and gathers strength each day.

Pastor and teacher Chuck Swindoll once said that "generosity is like a rare gem. Not many of us possess it, but when it is seen it sparkles. What admiration it brings from onlookers." As we remember with admiration Jerry Falwell, we will remember a man who sparkled with such generosity that his legacy is not only a great family, a great church and a vibrant and thriving University, but thousands upon thousands of people who Jerry taught by his life example how to give of their time, talent and treasure for the common good and the glory of God.

Grace and peace,

James A. Davids
President & Chairman of the Board

Samuel B. Casey
Executive Director & CEO

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National Pro-Life Religious Council Mourns Passing of Rev. Jerry Falwell

WASHINGTON, May 16 /Christian Newswire/ -- Fr. Frank Pavone, President of the National Pro-Life Religious Council, issued the following statement today on the death of Rev. Jerry Falwell:

"We mourn the passing of Rev. Falwell, a true friend and champion of the least powerful in our society, the unborn. We will continue his legacy by activating Christians to advance the culture of life. Lord, please give us more Jerry Falwells."

The National Pro-life Religious Council is a Christian coalition which acknowledges Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and is called to affirm and witness to the Biblical standard of the value, dignity, and sanctity of human life.

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Bauer says conservative Christians 'owe debt of gratitude' to Falwell

Jim Brown
May 16, 2007

Evangelical leader and former presidential candidate Gary Bauer says Dr. Jerry Falwell was "a warrior for the gospel of Jesus Christ, the family and the sanctity of human life." The American Values president says Falwell was "a good and decent" man who was often a "lightning bolt" and terribly abused by the mainstream media.

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However, Bauer notes, some left-wing websites that present themselves as tolerant and open-minded have been celebrating Falwell's death. "All during the years that he lived, when Jerry Falwell ran into that kind of hate, he was always good humored," Bauer says.

"He always had a hearty laugh," the American Values spokesman recalls of Falwell. "He never returned that hate with hate of his own. In fact, quite the opposite -- Jerry always showed the love of Jesus Christ in what he did and said, even when he was dealing with people who despised him and would say horrendous things about him."

As founder of the Moral Majority, Falwell was the first individual to bring conservative Christians into the public square in an organized way, Bauer contends. Also, the late TV minister and conservative activist had a tremendous impact on the election and reelection of Ronald Reagan, a man for whom Bauer worked for eight years.

Falwell "opened the minds of a lot of Christians in the United States to the responsibility we all have to be Christian citizens," the American Values spokesman says, "and to bring those values -- whether it's on issues related to racial reconciliation or fighting poverty or defending the family or the sanctity of life -- that we as conservative Christians have a lot to offer our country and our fellow Americans."

Bauer, a prominent evangelical leader and close friend of Dr. Falwell, says conservative Christians owe a debt of gratitude to the Moral Majority founder.

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