Thursday, May 10, 2007

PennHOP's 2 week update (some very exciting stuff)

Hi Praying Saints,

This is a "2-week" update, as I did not communicate anything from last week’s events.

  1. Last week we participated in the National Day of Prayer event held at the PA State Capital. I have attended them for the last 4 or 5 years now and this was the most powerful prophetically declarative & prayer-oriented event yet. The church leaders and their assemblies and all the saints that participated were awesome. It was evidence of the church of all nationality, kindred and tongue in a demonstration of unity of holy purpose and passion. But, good as it was in spirit, the turnout was not great and some church groups, which held roles in previous years, did not appear to be represented in any way I could perceive.

This is an issue we need to concern ourselves with if we expect to see revival fire loosed in our region. The corporate church must arise and express our faith in the public arena especially where governmental opportunities arise. We need to "own" our territory. How can the kingdoms of this world become the kingdom of our Lord and His Christ, when the greater body of Christ doesn’t engage in any significant measure at least in an other than sectarian presence?

  1. This week we did our Stand-4-Life on Wednesday, praying at the Capital steps unto God and before heaven and the eyes of man. What the world might call foolishness is however divinely powerful. We exhibited the two Dr. Seuss books on Horton the elephant, "Horton Hear A Who" & "Horton Hatches An Egg". People asked questions and comments were heard as people walked by "golly, I loved those books as a child", even staff personnel asked what our display meant. I then had opportunity to tell them the book’s messages clearly relate to ABORTION and ADAPTION and explain briefly how. We are going to make a professional looking display to place on a stand for people to observe and for many to read! You see, curiosity is proving to be a powerful tool in this war of the hearts and minds of a nation (donations toward this will be gratefully accepted).

My church leaders tell me that where I spend my money is a primary evidence of where my heart truly is in their teachings on financial stewardship. I have realized they are very right!

3. Coming up Thursday and Friday of next week (May 17 & 18) I have been given the opportunity to set up outside Sam’s Club on Rt. 322 in Harrisburg. We will be preparing & offering for purchase Kurtz Kettle Korn (wonderful stuff!!). Last year we raised $800 for the Healing Rooms at Life Center at the same venue, so it should provide for us some much-needed revenue. Then, we need to get our red shirts made that refer to LIFE & "Horton Hears A Who", so we will even more readily attract attention when we stand or even just wearing them about town as a statement and witness. We hope to be able to offer them to you for a small donation, details will be forth coming.

If any of you want to assist with the KORN at Sam’s Club contact me by replying to this e-mail. Donations towards the art-work and/or other costs will be appreciated.

  1. I still need people to step up and participate in the Stand-4-Life at the Capital. Our job is becoming clear. God wants to prepare every person who walks up those steps for 2008 and the release of the Horton Movie with Jim Carrey. I encourage you, do not under estimate this Divine strategy! This is His lead up to sensitizing the heart of a nation prior to the 2008 presidential elections! This will become a big issue only if we make it one. God is telling me, "Kurt make it one! Make it huge and make it loud!" This is going to be huge and you can get in the ground floor, the rewards are heavenly & it manifests in the earthly too!

I need to see representation every weekday at 12 noon to 1 PM if possible. There are typically hundreds of people coming by in that busy hour. Then too, other times need to be occupied. Calling the captains to arise! This is an all volunteer army

Ps 110.3 Your people will volunteer freely in the day of Your power (army); in the beauty of holiness, from the womb of the dawn...

  1. Yes indeed, the PennHOP building will be opening up the entire 1st floor to groups in concert with our vision of prayer and worship and discipling training, etc. Occupation is expected to begin in June/July. I will be creating a schedule of time slots for pastors, and leaders (you) who have a desire to occupy the inter-city "land". Please contact me to discuss getting your group into a weekly time slot. I can envision 6am to 9pm slots of perhaps 2 hours each. Two hours seems to be the norm for many HOPs. Ultimately it should extend to 6 days a week. First thing though is a single representation each day Mon – Sat. In the morning, afternoon or evening. So let’s discuss things and get this ball rolling?

Please forgive me for the confusing statements that led many to believe I had abandoned the mission. I was indeed being battled as to priorities, but God is faithful to help me with those reality checks I need from time to time.I thank God that He renewed my vision and determination to see this crucial ministry function fulfilled and not left un-tended. Thank you for your prayers and the comments encouraging me to fulfill the vision.

"Though it has tarried, wait for it!"

** Do not forget to vote this coming week in the Judicial Primary Election on May 15 Tuesday

Thanks for your faithfulness. You are beloved of God and highly favored!

Kurt Meckes

PennHOP Director

Tax deductable contributions can be made to:

PennHOP, 264 Forster St 1st floor

Harrisburg, PA 17102

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