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Election Results

All week-long the Casino-Free Philly office has been called and asked: so what are the results?

We are as anxious as you to find out the final tally of Philly's first citizens' election -- Philly's Ballot Box! Our volunteers are still counting but we will announce the results Monday (May 21) at 2:30pm. JOIN US and hear the results at our offices: 230 North 2nd Street. (The Announcement has been rescheduled from Saturday morning until Monday at 2:30 PM.)

Philly's Ballot Box Election Results Announcement
230 N. 2nd Street, 1st Floor
Monday, May 21, 2007
2:30 PM You can watch the counting online from:

Political Results

Even without knowing the election results, we can already claim some huge victories. This campaign:

1) received endorsements from the Philadelphia Inquirer, City Paper's Editor, and many more; 2) got the major mayoral candidates to endorse the 1,500-foot buffer, including gaining strong support from both Tom Knox and Michael Nutter (e.g. Nutter put "Vote YES on Question 1" on his campaign literature); 3) got over 250 volunteers on one of the most competitive days of the year; 4) was run smoothly and professionally, without a single incident; 5) was fun, energizing; 6) and puts us in excellent position for what's next to come ...

Open House & What's Next?

Join us for a Casino-Free Philadelphia Summit. All advocates are invited to join us in planning the next steps for Casino-Free Philadelphia. We especially welcome members from the DRNA and other citywide organizations to offer their insights and suggestions on the future direction of the anti-casino movement.

The Anti-Casino Movement Summit
230 N. 2nd Street, 1st Floor
Thursday, May 24, 2007
7:00 PM
Open House 5:30 PM

Come early and be part of our open house. If you are a volunteer, donor, potential donor, voter, or otherwise interested person, please come and review election results, videos, and pictures. Snacks provided!


- The Staff of Casino-Free Philadelphia
Jethro, Daniel, Karim, Paul, Shirley, Kathy, and Fritz
on behalf of the whole Casino-Free Philadelphia Team

Casino-Free Philadelphia | PO Box 63724, Philadelphia, PA 19147 |

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