Tuesday, May 29, 2007

State Rep Samuel E. Rohrer's fight for the Right to Bear Arms

State Representative Samuel E. Rohrer, Fighting for a Better Pennsylvania - 128th District


Dear Fellow Supporter of the Right to Bear Arms,


I am taking the liberty of writing to you as someone who responded to my efforts to oppose House Bill 760. The response to the petition drive regarding House Bill 760 was incredible and sent an impressive message regarding gun control in this state. As I mentioned in my last correspondence, the immediate battle, i.e. House Bill 760, was won; but the war would continue. Unfortunately, the Governor and some House members from the Philadelphia area failed to hear your message and continue to push ahead, despite overwhelming evidence that further gun control is not what the people of this state want or need.


I have posted on my Web site an editorial I wrote in response to some of the Governor's comments and the actions taken by some Philadelphia House members:


Read The Editorial


I encourage you to read it so you are up-to-date on what is occurring in Pennsylvania that affects your right to own guns and what actions I am taking to defend our Constitutionally protected rights.





Rep. Sam Rohrer

Republican Chairman of the

House Game and Fisheries Committee


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