Thursday, June 21, 2007

PA abortion bill Letter to the Editor

From: John Lewandowski []


Letter to the Editor: On Catholic Bashing

Dear Post-Gazette Editors:

Today I read your editorial page, and much to my surprise, I found you
writing against religious freedom for Catholics. According to the PG,
Catholic hospitals must be forced by the government to provide women with
abortifacients. I wonder what ever happened to "choice"?

You also published a typical Rob Rogers cartoon, that is, one which resorts
to ad hominem attack to bash people he doesn't agree with; in this case,
opponents of federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. I'm certain
that the PG is aware that many if not most of the people who are happy about

President Bush's third veto are Catholics, and Rogers' implication is that
these Catholics either don't care about sick people, or perhaps that they
enjoy the suffering of others. Senator Bob Casey, for whom the PG endlessly

campaigned, has voted against federal funding for embryonic stem cell
research twice now, in accordance with his campaign promise to do so. So
does Sen. Casey hate the sick? I'm dying to know what the PG thinks about

To be honest, I wasn't very surprised to find anti-Catholicism - both direct

and implied - in your editorial section. I would be more surprised not to
find it, since the "tolerant" PG seems to enjoy bashing Catholics.

John Lewandowski

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