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Philadelphia City Council Kicks Out the Boy Scouts: Another Triumph for Homosexual Activism

American Family Association of Pennsylvania



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Philadelphia Reneges on 1928 Promise to Boy Scouts and Throws the Scouts Out
of Headquarters - Confirming Danger of Adding 'Sexual Orientation' to

(Philadelphia) - 'A Scout is Trustworthy' - unlike the City of Philadelphia,
a statewide pro-family group said today. Yesterday the Philadelphia City
Council voted to break a promise they made to the Boy Scouts in 1928 and
force them to pay fair market rent on a building located on city property or
get out. The American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA)
expressed outrage that the city is giving into pressure from homosexual
activists and ignoring the good that the Cradle of Liberty Scout Council
continues to do for the children of Philadelphia.

"With an alarming number of children facing violent deaths on the streets of
Philadelphia, the city's answer is to target one of the few organizations
that offer purpose and meaning to these children. Of the 64,000 members the
Cradle of Liberty Scout Council serves, 40,000 are in Philadelphia alone.
The Scouts' policy banning open homosexual leaders is the right policy.
Would the parents of Girl Scouts want a man to be their daughter's Scout
leader? No and neither do parents want a man who is sexually attracted to
other males to be Boy Scout leaders. Common sense should prevail here, but
it's not," noted Diane Gramley, president of the AFA of PA.

From the Cradle of Liberty website: "In addition to the traditional
Scouting disciplines, the council is also presenting Learning for Life
programs to over 44,000 school youth in grades K-12. These programs are
classroom based and feature age appropriate and grade specific lesson plans
to enhance and support the core curricula of each school.

They encourage positive behavior, assist in building self-esteem and reward
positive work ethics. The teachers in over 135 schools throughout the three
county area enthusiastically support the programs which are particularly
effective in Chester, Norristown, and Philadelphia where large numbers of
youth are enrolled."

In 1982 Philadelphia amended their Fair Practices Ordinance to include
'sexual orientation. It took over 20 years before the city 'discovered'
that the Boy Scouts were not in compliance with the ordinance and they've
been in a pitched battle trying to evict the Scouts ever since. In 2002
'gender identity' was added. What will that mean to the Boy Scouts,
cross-dressing leaders?

In an attempt to pacify City Council and homosexual activists, the Cradle of
Liberty approved the following policy in 2004 and it remains in effect

"Prejudice, intolerance and unlawful discrimination in any form are
unacceptable within the ranks of Cradle of Liberty Council."

"Efforts to appease never work. Homosexual activists want a pro-gay policy
expressly stating that the Cradle of Liberty Scout Council will accept open
homosexuals. They are not concerned with the well-being of the children of
Philadelphia and surrounding counties, but instead choose to use them in an
effort to make an example out of the Boy Scouts," Gramley continued.

If the city gets its way, the programs offered by the Boy Scouts would be
adversely affected because funds needed for them would be diverted to pay
the rental fees on the building and property. But this decision by the city
could also cost Philadelphia about $65 million annually in federal
assistance if the Scouts are evicted. The Support Our Scouts Act permits
the discontinuation of housing and community development funds if a
municipality discriminates against the Scouts.

"The U.S. Supreme Court has found that as a private organization the Scouts
have a right to prohibit open homosexuals from being leaders. Homosexual
activists cannot accept this and continue trying to mold the Boy Scouts in
their image. This should be a further warning to all municipalities across
the country that adding 'sexual orientation' to policies will adversely
affect the Boy Scouts. As Philadelphia continues down this pro-homosexual
road, they are distancing themselves even more so from the rest of
Pennsylvania," further noted Gramley.

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