Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Planned Parenthood Reports Zero Adoption Referrals

Planned Parenthood Reports Zero Adoption Referrals

from staff reports

Remains largest abortion provider.

Planned Parenthood pocketed $305 million of taxpayers' money in its last fiscal year, but did not refer a single girl to adoption services. In fact, "adoption" didn’t even appear in the abortion giant’s annual report. 

In the 2004 fiscal year, Planned Parenthood reported that it referred nearly 1,500 clients to adoption agencies. But in its latest annual report, covering fiscal year 2005-2006, Planned Parenthood reported nearly 300,000 abortions, yet no adoption referrals.

Douglas Scott, president of Life Decisions International, said that means one of two things.

"It’s either gotten so low that they’re embarrassed by it," he said, "or they just aren’t doing it anymore.”

The numbers make clear that Planned Parenthood continues to be the largest abortion provider in the country. Colleen Parro with the Republican National Coalition for Life said it’s no wonder they apparently don’t care about adoption.

“Planned Parenthood is about money," she told Family News in Focus. "It’s not about saving babies or helping girls or anything like that."

Although it's a nonprofit organization, Planned Parenthood has amassed more than $400 million in savings since 1987. Parro said pro-lifers need to make some noise.

"It’s time for our people out there who care about life and who care about restoring the culture to insist that their members of Congress and their state legislators stop funding Planned Parenthood.”



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