Thursday, June 07, 2007

Rep Tangretti's amendment to HB288: Please contact state rep from Mary Lou

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Please contact your state representative and e-mail or call their local office - to find this info, type in their name on your search engine - they all have a web site with this info. Ask them to vote for Rep. Tangretti's amendment to HB 288 to allow Catholic hospitals to continue to follow their protocol with rape victims (they do both blood and urine tests to be sure there is no pregnancy before administering any emergency contraceptives), and to require that a qualified rape crisis counselor be made available to the victim to help her through all the procedures.  If this amendment should fail, then please vote against HB 288. Since many patients choose particular health care institutions based on their ethical stands, the ability of such institutions to act in accordance with those stands must be preserved.  Thank you for your pro-life support.  Mary Lou Gartner, People Concerned for the Unborn Child, Political Director


Bill Information
Regular Session 2007 - 2008
House Bill 288

Bill History (Last Action: Re-committed to RULES, June 6, 2007  [House])

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