Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Tell Your Senators to vote NO on cloture on the Kyl-Kennedy Amnesty!!

Despite overwhelming constituent opposition to the bill, some Senators still want to bring the amnesty bill back from the dead. The Senate will vote on Tuesday around noon on whether to invoke cloture on the motion to proceed to the Kyl-Kennedy amnesty bill. The motion requires 60 votes to pass, so we need 41 Senators voting NO to win. We need your calls to tell them NO, let the amnesty bill rest in peace. We only have a few more hours!! Please call now!!

According to our count, we are about five votes shy of the 41 we need to defeat cloture and kill the bill. Currently, we hear the White House is arm-twisting and back-door dealing with many Republican Senators, hoping to get enough yes votes to bring the bill back up. This is the moment of truth. Your calls are more important than ever. You’ve made such a difference for the last 5 weeks, keep it up for a few more days!

Our message should be clear: “Any vote for cloture is a vote for amnesty!” Many Senators think they can vote FOR proceeding to the bill and then vote AGAINST the bill itself, trying to blame the 51 Senators (at least) who will vote for the amnesty. We must remind them that those charades won’t work with such a well informed constituency. We see through their maneuvering! A vote for cloture is a vote for amnesty!

It’s time to put this bill in the grave for good! We need your help. They expect we will get tired and go away—we won’t! Keep calling and don’t let up!

Take Action

Call your Senators and tell them to vote NO on cloture and leave the amnesty bill in its grave!

Tell them Eagle Forum will be scoring this vote! A vote in favor of cloture will be scored as a vote for amnesty!

Targets: Bond, Burr, Bennett, Bingaman, Boxer, Cochran, Coleman, Conrad, Ensign, Gregg, Hatch, Levin, Nelson, Webb

Call Your Senator Today!

Capitol Switchboard: (202)-224-3121


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