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AFA of PA ACTION ALERT: Pride Picnic at Knoebels Grove Amusement Park



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July 30, 2007


1. )  Knoebels Grove Amusement Park to Allow Pride Picnic – August 11th


2.)  U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee Continues Stalling on President Bush’s judicial nominees – click to read our news release. 


1.)     A couple years ago we found that Knoebel’s Grove, a very popular family amusement park in Elysburg, was permitting a ‘pride picnic.’  Last year we found no  information; our guess is they changed their means of getting the word out.

      But this year we do know that Knoebel’s Grove will be the site of a ‘Pride Picnic’ the afternoon of August 11th.  Details are still sketchy

      at this point.  Two years ago this information was available “New this year will be the ALL GAY PHOENIX roller coaster. All picnic participants will gather to make the famed wooden classic roller coaster a QUEER COASTER starting at 6:00 PM.”  It would appear that this type activity would be with the blessing of the park. 


            Why should this be of concern?  Fathers and mothers should not be faced with having to explain to their children why two men or two women are holding hands or kissing.


             Increasingly sexual activity between male homosexuals in public restrooms is becoming a problem.  (i.e. restrooms in Strawbridge Department store in Philadelphia and a few years ago restrooms at the Camp Hill Mall and public parks in Pittsburgh).  In the Philadelphia incident, a 10-year old boy and his father went in to use the restroom and witnessed the sexual activity.  Parents should not have to worry that their sons may walk in on this type situation!

             Although, it’s not just homosexual men anymore.   The last part of June a pregnant mom and her daughter walked into the public restroom at a community pool in Seminole County, Florida.  What they discovered shocked them.  Click here to read the story. 

             Not all who identify as homosexual engage in this type activity, but it should be of concern to parents. 




1.)   If the Knoebels Grove Pride Picnic concerns you, please contact them at 1.800-487-4386.   Also please share this information with family and friends.


2.)  Senator Arlen Specter is getting increasingly frustrated with the lack of action on President Bush’s judicial nominees in the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Let’s not forget that this inactivity directly affects Pennsylvania with the absence created on the Third Circuit Court of Appeals with Samuel Alito being confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court.  On July 17th President Bush nominated Shalom Stone, a New Jersey attorney, to fill Justice Alito’s position; unfortunately at this rate he has a long rate ahead of him!  Please contact  Senator Specter and tell him ‘thanks’ for working to get the judicial confirmation process back on track  as many of these open positions represent a judicial crisis.  Click here for contact information.  


3.)  Don’t forget you can now listen to Diane Gramley’s weekly radio program ‘American Family Focus on PA Issues’ on our website.  Click here


4.)  Feel free to forward this alert to other concerned Pennsylvanians.  If this alert is being forwarded to you by a friend, please feel free to sign up by clicking here.   Please indicate in which county you live.


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In His service,


Diane Gramley


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