Thursday, July 05, 2007

Baby’s life saved from Planned Parenthood in Pennsylvania

Baby’s life saved from Planned Parenthood in Pennsylvania


On Monday, Generation Life, a youth-oriented pro-life organization, wrote the following message in its blog:


            Today we were at a Planned Parenthood in West Chester. A Hispanic woman went in for an abortion after we tried counseling her; however she did take some of our literature in with her. Twenty minutes later she came back out and decided to choose life after reading the brochure in Spanish we gave her. We had a Spanish speaking woman that was able to talk with her after she came out of the clinic.

Often times people say to us, "Do women really listen to you when you're at the clinic?" or "does it really matter that you're there?" One life saved makes it worth being at the clinic every week.

Please consider going to be a peaceful, prayerful presence at the clinic in your community. You will be amazed at how effective your time there can be.


We thank Generation Life for their continued work praying at the clinic in their community and thank God for the grace of converting hearts and minds and saving lives and souls through their work.


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