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AFA of PA ACTION ALERT: Phillies Gay Community Day; Domestic Partner Benefits for PASSHE Faculty



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August 1, 2007


1.)    Philadelphia Phillies Gay Community Day – August 9th

2.)    Domestic Partner Benefits for Same-sex Partners of Faculty Members Working for the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.


1.)    The Philadelphia Phillies fifth Gay Community Day will be on August 9th in Citizens Bank Park.  Interestingly enough, I have found absolutely nothing on the Phillies’ website about this.  But I believe this can be explained by an e-mail response that I received from them “this is a group that has taken advantage of our Corporate/Community Partnership.  Such group purchases are not official Phillies promotional dates. The information is readily available on several homosexual websites including Gay and Lesbian Lawyers of Philadelphia and Philly Gay Days.  We have it from a good source that if 500 homosexuals attend Gay Community Night then Ann Butchart, the first homosexual elected in Philadelphia, has been designated to toss the pitch.  Very disturbing is the fact that this night is also “Military Appreciation Night” and “Mentoring Night.”  Active duty  military and veterans and their families receive a special discount ticket. Additionally, ‘Mentoring Night’ will bring more children in as members of mentoring programs are invited to bring a young person and receive two tickets for $16.00. 

Lets picture next Thursday night’s game:  military personnel and veterans and their families along with a group of people who want to infiltrate and redefine the military; in addition, children who are part of mentoring programs along side a group that is already infiltrating their schools with the message that ‘Gay is okay.”  There’s something wrong with this picture!


2.)    The contract that currently sits before the State System of Higher Education (PASSHE)  Board of Governors and the State Employees Benefit Trust Fund Board of Trustees would extend health care coverage to the same-sex partners of faculty members.  The vote will probably come within the next week or so.  The AFA of PA has sent a packet of information to the 35 members of these boards.  The information included Dr. John Diggs “The Health Risks of Gay Sex”  and Corporate Research Council’s “Do Domestic Partner Benefits Make Good Business Sense.”  The information included in the latter notes that Wellpoint, Inc. which owns Blue Cross of California and a number of other major insurers found that  “The loss ratio (health-care costs as a percent of premiums paid) for same-sex domestic partners was 17.1% HIGHER than for the remaining two party members (meaning opposite-sex couples).”   





1.)  If the Philadelphia Phillies Gay Community Day, especially in conjunction with “Military Appreciation Night” and “Mentoring Night,” concerns you, please consider contacting the Phillies by clicking here or calling (215) 463-6000.


2.)  Please take a little time and contact these members of the PASSHE Board of Governors:  Chairman – Kenneth Jarin at 717-720-4420; Representative Michael Hanna ; Senator Vincent Hughes ; Senator James RhoadesClick here for additional members.  Ask them to vote 'No on the proposed contract with the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties that extends health benefits to domestic partners.' 

Representative Matthew Baker has consistently voted against efforts to extend such coverage to homosexuals.  Please tell him ‘thanks.’ 


If you receive our newsletter, please get the enclosed postcard to Kenneth Jarin in the mail ASAP.  Also, if you want additional postcards to distribute at church, etc. or do not receive our newsletter,  please contact us. 


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