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Alan Keyes and "Pro-life leaders" destroyed the abortioncams project

From: Neal Horsley []

The mention of Steve Ertelt jumped my mind to a track I've been etching out
for over two decades, the one where I examine why legalized abortion has not
been abolished after lo these many years. If people ever do decide to do
what is necessary to abolish legalized abortion, one of the first things
that will happen is they will take a long, hard look at why abortion has not
already been abolished in this nation. What they will see is the pro-life
movement has been led by agent provocateurs, enemy moles like Steve Ertelt,
who instead of working to abolish legalized abortion, or, failing that,
deterring people from killing babies, actually did things that made it
impossible to deter people from butchering babies.

The best example of what I am talking about can be seen by examining how
pro-life leaders destroyed the abortioncams project. Over a period of about
four months a few years ago, at least 100 million people learned about that
project because of massive national media coverage. The media was screaming
about what we were doing, but paradoxically their screams led hundreds of
thousands of people to go daily to to see whose pictures
were being posted on the Internet. This exposure was creating a national
phenomenon that gave every indication of creating ongoing momentum in the
reality of abortion in this nation. Women's knowledge that this exposure
was occurring was in the process of creating a substantial national
deterrence that caused every person considering going to an abortion clinic
to kill her baby to have to consider whether it was worth being exposed to
the nation as a baby killer by having their picture viewed by millions of

Then, in the space of ten minutes on a national television program viewed by
millions of pro-lifers, Alan Keyes, speaking "for the entire pro-life
movement," destroyed the momentum of the project and in effect destroyed the
deterrence being created. (See a short video of the program here:

I know that destruction occurred because I watched as pro-lifers around the
country fled our ship like, well, rats fleeing a sinking ship.

Today Alan Keyes continues as one of the foremost leaders of the pro-life


Because pro-lifers, at some deep level of sub consciousness, want leaders
who will fail to abolish legalized abortion. There is no other rational
explanation for the failure of the pro-life movement to do what is required
to abolish legalized abortion in this nation.

This refusal to embrace tactics that deter people from killing babies, this
commitment to failure, is the work of Satan who has infiltrated the pro-life
movement from head to toe. As long as people will not face that fact, just
that long Satan will continue to receive his daily ration of babies
sacrificed for him on the altar of self-indulgence in the United States of
America. And just that long the USA will continue to lead the world toward
the abyss of fire waiting for this world.

My Lord Jesus Christ wants me to arrest that lemming like stampede. What
about your Jesus?

Neal Horsley See what is required to abolish legalized abortion here:

I need your help.

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