Monday, August 13, 2007

Answers to registration questions

The registration period for the September 26 - November 4 nationwide 40
Days for Life campaign is more than half-way over, and more than 40 cities
in 19 states have already signed up to participate.

Can you imagine the kind of impact this campaign is going to have on

With the Wednesday 8/15 registration deadline rapidly approaching, many
questions have come in from communities trying to finalize their decision.

To make the most efficient use of everyone's time, we decided to send this
one e-mail that answers the most frequently asked registration questions.


Q: We created a location on the 40 Days for Life Web site -- doesn't that
mean we're registered?

A: No, the location section on the Web site was set up to help you network
with other people in your area who might be interested in doing a 40 Days
for Life campaign. That forum will be taken down shortly after registrations
are complete. To participate, you need to register your community at: <---------

Q: Do we really need to register? Can't we just do this on our own?

A: You can certainly conduct pro-life efforts on your own, but if you want
to conduct a 40 Days for Life campaign, participate in the nationwide
effort, and receive all the training and resources needed for a project of
this magnitude, you must register. <---------

Q: Can't we just do 40 Days for Life next year?

A: There are currently no plans for future 40 Days for Life campaigns. The
national campaign leaders prayerfully discerned the need to conduct 40 Days
for Life this fall due to the extreme crisis our nation is facing. <---------

Q: Is there enough time to organize this in my city?

A: The training and implementation schedule allows communities to register
now and have a successful campaign. (Of the seven previous cities that have
conducted 40 Days for Life, three of them put their campaigns together in
four weeks or less.) <---------

Q: Is the Wednesday 8/15 registration deadline firm?

A: Yes. To ensure that every registered community gets the maximum training,
support, and attention, registrations will close at midnight Pacific time on
Wednesday, August 15. After that time your community will not be able to
sign up. Don't miss out on the chance to help shape American history. <---------

Q: Why is there a $197 registration fee?

A: The national campaign has already invested over $50,000 to put together
all the tools, technology, training, and resources that will be provided to
your community when you register. A handful of very generous donors helped
to offset a large part of those expenses, but the registration fee helps to
defray the remainder of the costs. <---------

Q: What if we can't afford the registration fee?

A: There are a few "scholarships" available for communities that feel called
to participate but cannot come up with the registration fee. We want to be
sure that money does not stand in the way of any town that wants to
participate. <---------

Q: Is the registration fee our only expense?

A: No, there will be other costs tied to your campaign -- for events, vigil
supplies, printing, promotion, mailings, phone calls, etc. These costs can
vary by community, from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars,
depending on how ambitious you decide to make your campaign. Raising funds
for this project can actually be a great blessing as you watch God provide
for the campaign's needs. We'll do everything we can to help you with this. <---------

Q: Can the 40 Days for Life campaign be modified?

A: Yes, you are encouraged to customize your local campaign to fit the
unique needs of your community. For example, you may choose to adjust the
hours of your vigil, or the extent of community outreach. The only
non-negotiable requirements are that your 40 Days for Life campaign must be
peaceful, prayerful, and lawful. <---------

Q: Can I really do this?

A: We can't answer that question for you, but God can. Pray for wisdom and
discernment in making this important decision. <---------

Hopefully these answers are helpful in making your decision to participate
in 40 Days for Life. We'd love to partner with your community in helping to
bring an end to the tragedy of abortion.

Yours In Christ,

40 Days for Life National Coordination Team

P.S.- Just in case you needed that link one more time :-) you can get more
info and register at: <---------

40 Days for Life

3515-B Longmire #316
College Station, TX
77845 US

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