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Gays and Baby Killers: A Shaky Alliance?

Gays and Baby Killers: A Shaky Alliance?

August 17, 2007

How would you like to ask the pro-choice mob a question that is guaranteed
to have them jumping around like worms on a hot rock? Well, read on.

Three facts are important to know. First, though there are certainly
members of the gay community who are pro-life, go to any large public event
put on by the pro-choice gang, or read any edition of the NOW Times or MS
Magazine, and you will see that the "mainstream" homosexual lobby and the
"mainstream" abortion lobby are joined at the hip.

Second, the current "enlightened" and "politically correct" view is that
homosexuality is not a choice but a function of genetics. While I am not
convinced this is true, if it is then it is only a matter of time before
scientists identify the genetic marker for homosexuality.

Third, the abortion lobby has made it clear that they will never back away
from their fundamental assertion that the reasons for abortion are no ones
business except the women who have them.

In light of these three facts, let's ask our enemies one simple and
completely appropriate question: Should it be legal for a woman to kill her
unborn child solely because there is genetic evidence that the child may
turn out to be gay?

When you ask that question, their only options are to either abandon their
basic position or risk alienating one of their most loyal support groups.
We should also keep in mind that these people have failed this sort of test
before. You may recall that standing-up for the disabled was, at one point,
sold as an integral part of the liberal agenda. But the first time that
effort conflicted with the abortion license, the Godless Left did not
hesitate for one moment to throw the disabled under the bus.

The result is that, for example, in America today over 90 percent of babies
with Down syndrome are killed in the womb. In fact, legalized abortion has
so decayed American society that abortion is now the default position for
women carrying a child with even the most insignificant abnormalities. In
our brave new world, if a new mom delivers a handicapped baby she better be
prepared to routinely answer the question, "Didn't your doctor tell you
about this while you were still pregnant?"

That sorry question and all it implies is part of the
"better-dead-than-disabled" mentality that now infects our country. And
make no mistake about it, that mindset is the sole responsibility of the
pro-choice mob and it has helped them sell lots of abortions. To one degree
or another, it has also created a rift between them and those who truly care
about the disabled.

Whatever the consequences, it is pretty clear that the Choice Mafia is not
going to turn off this path. They have apparently decided that they cannot
afford to say that any woman should be denied her "right to choose" for any
reason. If a "homosexual gene" is ever identified, the bloodbath they are
currently prosecuting against Down syndrome and other "imperfect" children
will be expanded to include those who might turn out to be gay. In fact, we
may discover that parents are actually more likely to have a potentially gay
child killed than one with Down syndrome.

If the homosexual lobby has not yet thought about this issue, it's time they
did. We need to show them that when the American holocaust turns its
attention in their direction, it will be their pro-choice buddies who not
only defend it but carry it out.

We should also introduce the reality that this phenomenon is not going to be
limited to homosexuality. Some scientists are now speculating that genetics
may influence people to embrace certain political ideologies. So imagine
that someday a conservative, but otherwise pro-choice, organization launches
a campaign to encourage – not force or require but simply encourage –
pregnant women to kill any fetus they are carrying who is identified as
having a politically liberal genetic marker. Would these pro-choice
death-merchants have any problem with that?

If you analyze what genetic scientists are now suggesting, the possibilities
for this line of dialog are endless. If it is true that virtually every
person born into the world is a potential member of a group that could be
genetically identified, that means they could be targeted for extinction
through abortion.

The bizarre part of this is that, if we press this issue to its logical
conclusion, the abortion lobby may be forced to adopt a completely different
"abortion-justification" argument. Instead of saying that women should be
allowed to abort for any reason whatsoever, they may have to say that the
only women who should be allowed to abort are those who are doing so for no
reason whatsoever.


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