Thursday, August 09, 2007

Have you contacted the Phillies yet?

Below is a letter to the editor just sent to the Philadelphia Inquirer.  It was in response to Jill Porter's column and the upcoming Gay Community Day.

Have you contacted the Phillies about tomorrow night's game?  Their number is 215 463-6000 or e-mail using the form by clicking here.  For more information you can review the alert we sent out last week -- click here.


Diane Gramley



Jill Porter’s August 2nd column about the Phillies apparent obsession with hiring pitchers who are alleged wife beaters doesn’t touch on the other group the Phillies is catering to – homosexuals.   August 9th is ‘Gay Community Night’ at Citizens Bank Park.  According to the Gay Partner Abuse Project, “Unlike mainstream's recognition and response to battered women the gay community has responded to its battered gay men with denial and silence.”  A survey of 2,000 gay men by the Gay Domestic Violence Project in Boston found that “one in four gay men have experienced some domestic abuse.”   It seems homosexuals are in greater danger at the hands of their same-sex partner than from those who oppose their lifestyle!

The 9th is also ‘Military Appreciation Night’ and ‘Mentoring Night.’  Lets picture this:  military personnel, veterans and their families along with a group of people who want to infiltrate and redefine the military; in addition, children who are part of mentoring programs alongside a group that is already infiltrating their schools with the message that ‘Gay is okay.”  There’s something wrong with this picture!


The military will probably not feel appreciated by the Phillies when a group who wants to change military policy is also being honored. 


The Phillies need to re-access their priorities.


Diane Gramley


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