Monday, August 06, 2007

Protect our children from obscenity; sign the petition asking candidates to enforce obscenity laws

Protect our children from obscenity; sign the petition asking candidates to enforce obscenity laws

Pornographers go after our children while elected officials refuse to enforce obscenity laws

Our children need your help! It has been reported that there are as many as 10,000,000 pornographic sites on the Internet. The average age for those first exposed to Internet obscenity is 11 and the largest consumer group is 12-17 year-olds. Nine out of ten of 8-16 year-olds have viewed pornography online. Yet, in the past 15 years, under both the Clinton and Bush administrations, there has not been a single federal prosecution of a major distributor of Internet, in-room movie, cell phone or cable TV obscenity. Not one! (There were a couple of prosecutions of small, mom and pop type pornographers.)

The major pornographers have no fear of prosecution. Why? Because those responsible for enforcing the law fear the pornographers more than they fear the mothers and fathers of America, and they care more about the hawkers of pornography than they do our children.

Our children are being robbed of their childhood by greedy pornographers and cowardly officials. Please understand that I’m not referring to trashy TV. I am referring to hardcore pornography.

For a description of the kind of material bombarding our children, and the kind of material officials refuse to prosecute, click here. WARNING! This description is taken straight from movies being offered in hotels, on the Internet, on cell phones and on cable TV. It is graphic and extremely offensive.

Please join me in signing a petition to the presidential candidates asking each candidate to sign a pledge that if elected, they will enforce federal obscenity laws. We will notify you, the public and media of each candidate’s decision. The Supreme Court has consistently ruled that obscenity isn’t protected under the First Amendment.

Take Action
  • Sign the petition to presidential candidates asking them to pledge to enforce federal obscenity laws.
  • Please help us promote this effort to protect our children. Forward this to your family and friends. Ask your pastor to promote this effort in church newsletters and bulletins.
  • Print and distribute the Enforce Obscenity Laws Petition. (PDF format)

Thanks for helping protect our children. Our children’s future is indeed dark if caring adults refuse to help them. If you believe our efforts to be worthwhile, would you consider making a small tax-deductible donation to help us continue? Click here to donate.


Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and Chairman
American Family Association


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