Thursday, September 20, 2007

Anglican Church Proclaims the Sanctity of Life!

Did you know that in the U.S. one abortion is performed every 24 seconds? That’s 147 abortions every hour.

September 2007

Dear Friends,

Can you imagine what it would be like to read the following headline?

"Anglican Church Proclaims the Sanctity of Life!"

Anglicans for Life believes its time for this headline to become a reality and we are committed to making it happen. Do you want to join us? If you answer YES –please sign our online petition: click here Our goal is to collect thousands and thousands of signatures and present them to the bishops at Lambeth along with a resolution asking them to officially proclaim that the Anglican Church upholds the sanctity of life.

We also need your help to gather signatures from our Anglican brothers and sisters throughout the worldwide Communion! So, once you have opened the link, please send it to your friends at other Anglican and Episcopal Churches.

It’s time for the worldwide Anglican Church to be a beacon for life in our culture of death. We must lead our communities and churches towards a biblical view of life instead of embracing society’s disregard for humanity. I believe we are mandated as God’s children to make the sanctity of life a priority in the Church and this summer I wrote an article Why Life is Important to inspire and encourage us which may also be found at here:click here. (Along with the article you will find a historical overview of Lambeth and TEC resolutions and select Bible verses that pertain to life.) I pray that you will feel God’s passion for life as you read it, much like I felt as I wrote it!

Now imagine a second headline: "Babies and Women Safe! Abortion is Now an Unthinkable Choice!"
I believe this headline will also become a reality in our lifetime. You can help us make it happen. Join our Prayer Team, become a Life Coordinator, start a Life Chapter at your church, circulate our petition, and please send your most generous financial gift to help us promote the Sanctity of Life by clicking click here.
The great missionary William Carey says, “Expect great things from God. Attempt great things for God.” I pray the Holy Spirit will inspire each of us to attempt great things for God and life so that someday the number of babies dying from abortion will be zero per hour, zero per day, and zero per year. Together we can make a difference for life!
For His glory,

Georgette Forney
President, Anglicans for Life

P.S. Watch for my article in the upcoming Living Church Magazine. It exposes the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice’s pro-abortion agenda. Your participation in our Poll will help us show the Executive Council that the majority of TEC members oppose being a member of this pro-death organization.

P.P.S. Check out our September News Brief where we expose the truth about Komen for the Cure and its ties to Planned Parenthood, click here>.

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