Thursday, September 27, 2007

Day 2: Lives saved already!

God Almighty is working miracles across America through the faithfulness of
His people during 40 Days for Life!

In addition to the amazing stories I have been receiving about Christians
joining together across denominational lines for 40 day vigils, and the
reports of believers having life-changing conversations with passers-by and
abortion clinic workers, I have learned that lives have already been saved
in the first 24 hours of 40 Days for Life!

From Durango, Colorado, we learned that one woman left the abortion facility
after sitting in her car for about 15 minutes, while three 40 Days for Life
volunteers prayed fervently for her.

Then the abortionist didn't show, so five other mothers waiting for
abortions left. As many as six babies may have been saved!

In Richmond, Virginia, a woman going in for an abortion rejected information
from sidewalk counselors, but a post-abortive woman reached out to her and
said, "Please don't make the same mistake that I have. You can chose a
better way, God's way, the way of life! Please won't you let your baby live,
and love you?"

The woman went in to the abortion facility anyway...

...A few more minutes went by, and the young woman came out of the clinic.
She hugged the sidewalk counselor, took contact information from her
regarding where she could get medical and emotional support, and got into
her father's car.

As she drove away, she glanced over at the 40 Days for Life participants and
mouthed the words "thank you" as tears streamed down her father's face. Then
they were gone.

As the 40 Days for Life volunteer shared in the e-mail she sent me, "It all
happened in a matter of minutes, precious minutes given to her by Christ to
reconsider what she was doing. It was my first experience of what this work
is all about, and it made my first day involved in the pro-life movement one
I will not soon forget."


Even the media is standing up and taking notice of the impact of 40 Days for
Life. Here is a list of just SOME of the news stories from the first day of
this effort:

* Catholic Exchange
* Lufkin Daily News
* Catholic News Agency
* The Christian Post
* The Seattle Post Intelligencer
* The California Catholic Daily
* LifeNews
* The Journal
* The New York Observer
* The Bradenton Herald
* The Courier News
* The Sun-Herald
* Zenit News Agency
* KXXV-TV Waco, TX
* The Jonesboro Sun
* The Day (Connecticut)
* WBAY-TV Green Bay, WI
* The Beacon News
* Michnews
* The Courier of Montgomery County
* The Naperville Sun
* AOL News
* Forbes
* The Houston Chronicle
* Market Watch
* State House News Service
* Yahoo Politics
* Citizen Link

That's not even counting any of the radio stories that have been filling the

Momentum is building all across our land, and we're excited that you are
part of this initiative.

Here's your devotional for Day 2:


Daily Devotional

by: Carmen Pate


"Oh, magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together. I sought
the Lord, and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears. The angel of
the Lord encamps all around those who fear Him, and delivers them." -- Psalm
34: 3-4, 7


Fear of what man may do to us, or fear of what the future may hold, keeps
many in bondage to the lies of the enemy.

A young woman may fear her boyfriend won't love her if she doesn't engage in
promiscuity. The young woman who has an unplanned pregnancy may fear what
the future holds because she has believed the lie that her life and her
future are over because of the child in her womb. The post-abortive woman
may fear she is unworthy of love and deserves to be punished by both God and
man. We may fear what people think or what man may do to us because we stand
for righteousness, and stand in the gap for the unborn and the woman with

But Scripture tells us to fear the Lord! In fact, the theme of the book of
Proverbs is that the fear of the Lord is the starting point and essence of

In this context "fear" is a reverence for God expressed in submission to His
will. It is a reverent awe of who God is and what He does. When we
understand His unique and immutable characteristics -- that He is Omniscient

(all-knowing), Omnipotent (all-powerful) and Omnipresent (everywhere
present) -- our reverent awe is a natural response.

When we add to that knowledge the fact that God is Love, His ways are
perfect, and "All things work together for good to those who love God, to
those who are the called according to His purpose" (Romans 8:28), we
understand why this "perfect Love casts out fear" of the enemy, of man, and
what tomorrow may bring our way.

Let's put fear in proper perspective as we magnify the Lord and cast all our
fears at His feet.


Heavenly Father, you are the Lord Our Peace. Help us to reflect your peace
as we encounter those today who are in the bondage of fear.

We acknowledge that you are indeed all-knowing, all-powerful, and everywhere
present. Thank you for your love and faithfulness to us. As we commit to
fear You alone, give us your wisdom and discernment to help calm the fears
of others and redirect them to Truth, and a reverent awe of You.

In the name of Your Son, Jesus, upon whose name we can boldly come before
you, we pray, AMEN.


May God continue blessing America!

Yours For Life,

David Bereit
National Campaign Director
40 Days for Life
3515-B Longmire #316
College Station, TX

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