Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dr. Death — Go Home!

From the Desk of Judie Brown


September 27, 2007


Dr. Death — Go Home!


The University of Florida has invited Jack Kevorkian to speak on campus this coming October 11.  Dr. Death will be spreading his contempt of life message to young minds at the University of Florida, at their expense.  Yes, that's right – the students are forced to pay for Dr. Death's speaking fee ($50,000) via their activity fees. This is the man that boasts of euthanizing 130 elderly, disabled and sick people.


We cannot allow this tragic event to occur without protesting with every ounce of energy we have.  Please help us with your most generous donation, either by phone at 1-888-546-2580 or online at


I need to send four members of our youth outreach team to Florida to organize grass-roots opposition and send the strong message that Dr. Death is not welcome there, but I need your help.  Sending four young people means transportation, protest signs, literature, meals and a means to get around so that we get the maximum use of their time. We need to raise $2,394.77 to make this happen.


We are counting on your prayers and financial support so that our efforts are not futile.


Help us help the students at the University of Florida say:  DR. DEATH — GO HOME!


You can make your secure online donation at or call 1-888-546-2580 and please ask for Cathy.


Sincerely yours in the Lord Who IS Life,


Judie Brown, President

American Life League, Inc.

P.O. Box 1350,

Stafford, VA 22555

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