Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Las Vegas is part of the sex-industrial complex

Morality In Media

Information Alert-September 25, 2007

September 'View from Riverside Drive' column is now published

Ed Hynes says, in part:

What Mr. Herbert sees in Las Vegas is part of the sex-industrial complex, a largely criminal global enterprise that is fueled by illegal obscene pornography, much of it coming out of California’s San Fernando Valley. Pornography coarsens and sexualizes our popular culture and – to put it mildly – stimulates the demand side of the commercial sex equation, with results that are often devastating to marriages, families, health and careers, and sometimes end in criminal assault and murder. Brothel operators and pimps meet the porn-driven demand with a supply of prostitutes, including enslaved women and children who are seduced, tricked, drugged, kidnapped, abducted, or stolen from their families, and brought to market from around the world by gangs of traffickers.

Vigorous obscenity law enforcement has the potential to choke off or greatly reduce the distribution of obscene material through the Internet and other channels. Mr. Herbert reaches a large audience through his column, so he could be a persuasive voice for action by the Justice Department...

You can reach Ed’s column here:

At Morality in Media Website

At Obscenity Crimes Website

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