Sunday, September 02, 2007

Numbers USA Ad: Labor Day Petition

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Sign Labor Day Petition:
Tell Presidential Candidates You Agree With Ads and Want Less Foreign Worker Importation


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A large coalition of groups is running this TV ad in every region of the country through Labor Day and beyond. The ad includes a brief clip of the outrageous training conference in which a law firm teaches businesses how to avoid hiring American workers so they can import more foreign workers.

All of the presidential candidates will give lip service to American workers and their families on this coming holiday. But nearly all of them are making no promises to correct these abuses or to reduce the massive flow of foreign workers that has been depressing the wages of—and even taking the jobs away from—American workers. In fact, most of the candidates support increasing the flow of foreign labor competition.

More than 27 million jobs in the U.S. are now held by foreign workers while 54 million working-age Americans don't have a job.

Isn't it time to tell candidates that they can't expect American votes if they constantly choose immigration policies that are against the interests of the American workers?

Let's create a mountain of petitions as fast as possible to deliver to the presidential candidates' campaign offices. Please sign the petition and then have this email forwarded to as many contacts as possible.

Sign American Workers Petition


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