Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Reminder: See You at the Pole Sept 26th 7:00 am



This is a great day for Christian kids at public schools to join other Christian students and teachers to pray together. It's great for networking, making new friends, and of course, praying. My kids participated in SYATP when they were in school.


From the See You At the Pole web site,


http://www.syatp.com/home/index.html :


"See You at the Pole™ isn't about groups, grades, clothes, or churches. It's about praying. It's about all of us coming together and laying aside all the labels for one day, simply to call out to God, just as Jesus did in John 17 and say, 'Lord, may we be one in you--whether jocks, preps, geeks, Pentecostals, Baptists, Catholics, freshmen, or seniors--may the world believe that You are real and have sent us to touch other through you, regardless of the dividing lines drawn by a broken world!'


So are you in? Are you ready whatever group you're in, to join us in the circle?


Join your generation of faith on Wednesday, September 26, at 7 a.m., GATHER at your school flagpole, UNITE in the name of the One Who died to save you, and PRAY for your school, friends, and families. COME TOGETHER, just as Jesus prayed we would."


For MORE details, go to the See You At The Pole web site,



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