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AFA of PA ACTION ALERT: Update on Erie Hearing and PA Human Relations Commission Chairman



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October 8, 2007


1.)    Adding ‘Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity or Expression”

2.)    PA Human Relations Commission Chairman is At It Again!

3.)    “Helping Teens Understand Homosexuality”


1.)      The attempt is currently underway to add the above language to the PA Human Relations Act.  HB 1400 is in the House State Government Committee and SB 761 is in the Senate Judiciary Committee. On Thursday there was a public hearing of the House State Government Committee in Pittsburgh.  A similar hearing was held in Erie on Friday.  The AFA of PA was the ONLY one to speak against the addition of this language to the PA Human Relations Act.  In fact a Presbyterian pastor spoke in favor of the bill in PittsburghClick here to read Diane Gramley’s testimony and check the documentation that was given to the Committee members. 

2.)      Had you heard that the Employment Non-Discrimination Act no longer includes ‘gender identity’?  The majority of homosexual/transgender groups are not happy, but last week they attacked the organization that claims to be the largest LGBT rights group in the nation – the Human Rights Campaign --  because they seemed reluctant to push for the inclusion of  ‘gender identity.’  On October 2nd Stephen Glassman, the openly homosexual chairman of the PA Human Relations Commission, signed onto a letter putting pressure on the Human Rights Campaign to only support ‘gender-identity’ inclusive language. Click here to read our news release for more details and to read the letter.  Additionally, on Saturday night Glassman attended the HRC National Dinner in Washington, D.C. carrying the same message.  Click here for the picture . . . especially note what is pinned to his suit jacket – a bar through HRC’s logo.  Here on the state level, he is actively pushing for HB 1400.

3.)      Do you know a teen who might be struggling with questions about homosexuality?  A great tool with plenty of answers is from one of Probe Ministry’s two-minute radio programs “Helping Teens Understand Homosexuality.”  Click here  . . .  simply print it off.




1.)  If after reading Diane’s testimony, you are concerned with the ramifications of this bill, please contact your State Representative – especially if he or she is a member of the House State Government Committee --  and ask him or her to vote ‘No’ on HB 1400. 


2.)  If Stephen Glassman’s continued homosexual activism concerns you, please contact Governor Rendell by clicking here.   Mr. Glassman obviously is not representing the majority of Pennsylvanians yet continues using his official capacity as a bully pulpit to push the ‘homosexual agenda.”  Contact Governor Rendell to express your concerns.   


3.)  Don’t forget you can now listen to Diane Gramley’s weekly radio program “American Family Focus on PA Issues” on the web by clicking here


4.)   Feel free to forward this alert to other concerned Pennsylvanians.  If this alert is being forwarded to you by a friend, please feel free to sign up by sending an e-mail to 


5.)  Please consider supporting the ongoing work of the American Family Association of Pennsylvania.  Make an online donation.


In His service,


Diane Gramley


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