Monday, October 15, 2007

Candidate Compatibility on YouTube

Candidate Compatibility on YouTube

In many ways, the search for the right presidential candidate and the search for a spouse share much in common. Both are a quest for a match that shares the same values, hopes and dreams for the future. Both require much time, consideration, and prayer. In light of these striking similarities, we've produced a short video airing on YouTube that's a fun, light-hearted take on how FRC Action's upcoming Washington Briefing 2007: Values Voter Summit can help you find a candidate who is compatible with your values. Enjoy this video and share it with your friends. After you watch the video, become a member of FRC Action, if you're not already, and you can vote in the inaugural Values Voter Straw Poll. Be a part of influencing who the Values Voters' candidate will be! The straw poll was highlighted in today's Washington Post, and pundits are already commenting on the poll's significance in the 2008 election cycle, so make sure your voice is heard! You can vote online, or better yet, there's still time to vote in person by joining us at the Hilton Washington this weekend as we hear from the candidates face to face. Visit today to learn more.

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