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Pennsylvania House Bill 288 and pro-life updates from Mary Lou

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1. HB 288

2.  Life Chain

3. 40 Days for Life

4. Face the Truth Tour

5. PCUC Dinner

6. Marriage Protection Act

7. Movie - Bella

8. Vote Pro-Life



1.  HB 288

Dear Pro-Life Friends: 


Yesterday Helen Cindrich and I joined other pro-lifers in Harrisburg to lobby against HB 288. We watched the debate from the Galley, all the legislators had their lap tops at their desk and were able to receive e-mails. The place was swarming with pro-aborts as this is Planned Parenthood's bill. They want to get their foot in the door and then once health care workers can't oppose treatment because of their conscience, what else will follow? Thanks to those of you who were able to contact your legislator. This bill was on the fast track, but the vote was to postpone till Mon. Oct. 22  probably because of your many e-mails and calls - they are not in session next week, so they will be in their local office and an ideal time for you to visit or phone and ask that they vote against HB 288 and all amendments. Here is how those from southwestern PA voted on the delay. All the usual pro-votes voted no - Bennington, Casorio, Dermody, Deweese, Frankel, Levdansky, Preston, Matt Smith, Walko, Wheatley, Jesse White, and surprisingly usual pro-lifers Costa, Daley, Gergely, McIlhattan, Mustio, Wagner. - those who voted yes - please thank for that vote Biancucci, Brooks, Ellis, Gibbons, Harhai, Hutchinson, Kortz, Kotik, Kula, Longietti, Maher, Mahoney, Markosek, Marshall, Metcalfe, Pallone, Petrarca, Petrone, Pyle, Ramaley, Readshaw, Reed, Sainato, Sam Smith, Solobay, Stairs, Stevenson, Tangretti, Turzai, Vulakovich. DeLuca had knee surgery and was not present. John Maher spoke so well from the floor, thanks, John, but we were disappointed that Chelsea Wagner spoke in support - they are taking this as a "women's issue" and missing the point as to why this is such a bad bill.



HB 288 would mandate that all hospitals in PA make "emergency contraception" available to rape victims. Some medical experts say that this actually causes an abortion in certain cases. Rape victims deserve the best medical care available, but that care should be consistent with a sanctity-of-life ethic and respect the right of conscience of health workers.



Here are some points to make when you contact your legislator:

1. The bill does not require hospitals to report the rape to law enforcement.

2. The bill denies health care professionals their conscience rights.

3. There has not been one piece of testimony demonstrating the needs of rape victims are not currently being met compassionately in PA.

4. Planned Parenthood has a financial interest in Barr Pharmaceuticals, both as a creditor and as a priviledged customer. Barr manufactures Plan B

5. Plan B, the emergency contraception is available over-the-counter to any woman 17 or over, so where is the crisis?

6. The State should not dictate methods of treatment. HB 288 would require that emergency contraception be given to any woman who requests it, even if the physician believed that it would produce serious medical harm, such as a stroke.

7. Emergency Contraception is mega doses of the artificial hormone levengestrol and acts both before and after conception and thus, can kill a developing human being.

8. The principle effect of this legislation is to force pro-life health care workers and hospitals to distribute an abortifacient drug. A quote from a Planned Parenthood e-mail "Our immediate interest is to develop and protect our market base."

Please contact your representative and ask them to vote NO on HB 288 and all amendments.


 2. Life Chain - This Sunday, Oct. 7 there is a Life Chain near you. Go to and then click on PA to find the one and time closest to your home.


3. 40 Days for Life - Are you praying and fasting to end abortion? Are you able to spend a few hours praying at the Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Pittsburgh?  Go to and discover how you can "speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves" here in Pittsburgh that started Sept 26 until Nov. 4.


4. Face the Truth Tour - Oct. 12 through Oct. 20 - Help people see the ugly truth of what abortion does to that baby. Sign holders are needed. Call Bob at 412-835-8129  or 


5. PCUC Annual Dinner  - You can make your reservation at 412-531-9272 for Oct. 27 at the Churchill Country Club to hear Joe Scheidler, enjoy a delicious dinner, have great pro-life fellowship and see all our wonderful auction gift prize


6. Marriage Protection Act This includes:  visiting,  phoning,  writing, e-mailing PA legislators.  The legislators need to know that the majority of Pennsylvanians want a Marriage Protection Amendment and the right to vote on it.  Without this push, they will not support an amendment. Please have those on your e-mail lists visit to get the names of their PA legislators. Forward the "5 Minutes for Marriage" steps:

5 Minutes. 5 Friends. 5 Action Steps.

Pray for legislators and citizens to decide in favor of the Pennsylvania Marriage Amendment.

  1. Invite 5 friends or family members to join the 5 Minutes for Marriage Campaign.
  2. Phone, write and visit your state senator and state representative to ask for their commitment for the Pennsylvania Marriage Amendment.
  3. Enlist your church family and pastor by using pulpit opportunities, church bulletin boards and websites to spread the word.
  4. Answer the question, “Should Pennsylvania Walk Out on Marriage?” at , and visit our Road Trip for Marriage blog for the latest news. Thank you for your efforts to protect marriage in PA!!

7. Movie Bella - It is not often that popular media offer pro-life, pro-family films. One notable recent exception is the movie Bella, which tells how the unconditional love of a friend allows a woman in crisis to make life-affirming choices for herself and her child. It was featured in a recent Pittsburgh Catholic article <> , and received favorable recommendations from both Cardinal Justin Rigali and Archbishop George H. Niederauer.

It is our pleasure to offer you a unique opportunity to preview this film. On Thursday, October 11, at 7:30 pm, the Respect Life office is sponsoring a screening of Bella at St. Paul Seminary. To participate in this screening, you must RSVP to our office. Please contact her at 412-456-3157 or to reserve your seat.

8. Vote Pro-Life - The LIFEPAC flyers are available in quantities for your church or groups by calling 412-793-0807 or by e-mail:   It will be posted at  very shortly.


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