Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Pro-life update from Mary Lou

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Dear Pro-Life Friends: I hope you have time to read these important happenings in the pro-life movement:


1. Susan B. Komen

2. Forty days for Life

3. HB 288

4. Marriage Amendment

5. Movie - Bella

6. LIFEPAC flyers

7. People Concerned for the Unborn Child annual dinner



Susan B. Komen -    I received this from a friend and am passing to you - I was in the grocery store today. Many many brands are giving money to Susan B. Komen Foundation with each purchase of their product. Susan B. Komen gives money to Planned Parenthood. How sad an organization trying to cure breast cancer gives money to an organization that increases the risk of breast cancer not to mention advocates abortion. We must get together and call, email and write to these companies and let them know we are going to stop buying from them if they continue this. There are many organizations out there fighting breast cancer who do not support Planned Parenthood. These are the organizations that should be getting this money. I have never done anything like this. So if anyone has any suggestions or can help me, I would greatly appreciate it.


40 Days for Life - This project is continuing - I hope all of you are at least praying and fasting to end the tragedy of abortion. For those who could spend a little time at the Planned Parenthood on Liberty Avenue in Pittsburgh, it would be greatly appreciated. Information and sign up is at their web site  The mid point is this Sun., Oct. 14. (no Steeler game that day) A candlelite prayer procession around the building is planned from 6:30 pm till about 8 pm. PP will be closed, but we are interceding with God to close this killing center. Bring candles and your prayers.


HB 288 - In my last update I told you about my experience in Harrisburg last Wed and that this legislation has been postponed. The vote is scheduled the week of Oct. 22 when they return to session.  Please call at local office either in person or by phone or e-mail your representative to vote NO on HB 288 - that is the legislation that would mandate that medical professionals give Plan B to rape victims even against the consciences of those who consider this to be abortifacient.


Marriage Amendment - Again I spoke of this in my last update - but their are many pro-life PA State Senators who are not in support of this legislation.  We must have an amendment to protect marriage against the courts who are ruling otherwise. Please contact your State Senator - they are still in local offices this week.


Bella - The pro-life movie is opening in selected theaters next Friday, Oct. 26. I told you that it is being shown at St. Paul's Seminary in Crafton tomorrow night - Thurs, Oct. 11 - I hope you get the opportunity to take your family and friends and support this movie.


LIFEPAC flyers - this material should be posted on very shortly. Some of the flyers have arrived and can be sent to you in quantity by e-mailing me back or calling 412-793-0807


People Concerned for the Unborn Child Banquet - You don't want to miss the opportunity to hear Joe Scheidler speak on Sat. Oct. 27 at the Churchill Country Club for this annual event. Call 412-531-9272 to make your reservation or mail your check for $40 each to People Concerned for the Unborn Child, 3050 Pioneer Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15226 and select either Chicken Marsala or Wild Salmon as your dinner choice.


If you have any questions about any of this information, please e-mail me back or call me at 412-793-0807.  Thank you most sincerely.  Mary Lou Gartner, Political Director, People Concerned for the Unborn Child

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