Friday, November 30, 2007

AFA of PA ACTION ALERT: Warning -- "The Golden Compass" Is Coming!



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November 29, 2007


WARNING:  “The Golden Compass”


On December 7th “The Golden Compass” will be opening in theatres across the country.  It has a ‘Narnia’ feel to it with its talking animals, witches, etc. and that’s for a reason -- the book series this movie is based upon “His Dark Materials” was written as a result of the hatred the author, Phillip Pullman, has for C.S. Lewis’s series. 


"I loathe the 'Narnia' books," Pullman has said in press interviews. "I hate them with a deep and bitter passion, with their view of childhood as a golden age from which sexuality and adulthood are a falling away." He has called the series "one of the most ugly and poisonous things" he's ever read.


Pullman, a leading promoter of atheism, told the Washington Post that a key goal of his writing was to "undermine the basis" of Christian belief. Pullman is also an Honorary Associate of the National Secular Society that campaigns against any involvement by religious people in public life.


Unfortunately, Reuters predicts that Pullman's anti-religious children's fantasy stories will become a multi-million dollar Hollywood "super series" along the lines of Lord of the Rings. 


Parents need to be wary of “The Golden Compass.”  The movie and book series are being promoted by Scholastic, Inc. through its book order form, curriculum based on the series and its “Golden Compass Student Sweepstakes.”   Among the sweepstakes prizes are box sets of “His Dark Materials.”  Parents need to ask their children’s school whether they will be using the curriculum, promoting or discussing the movie or book series in any way.  Parents have the right to ask that their child be removed from the classroom and given an alternative assignment. 


Here are several articles you may consider reading:


“An Atheist’s Narnia Knockoff”


“Will Your Kid Discover His Personal ‘Daemon’? 


“Does the Golden Compass Point to a New Atheism?”




1.)  Please thoroughly research this movie and book series.  It is much more deceptive than the Harry Potter series and blatantly seeks to undermine Christian teaching. 


2.)  I have interviewed Linda Harvey of Mission America about “The Golden Compass.”  Because of the important nature of that interview I will be uploading it to our website this evening -- one week early.   ‘American Family Focus on PA Issues’ can be heard by  Clicking here


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