Wednesday, January 02, 2008

4-H Club Told to Leave God Out of the Equation

4-H Club Told to Leave God Out of the Equation


Atheistic parent complains, prompts change in national policy.

Thanks to a complaint from one atheistic parent, a 4-H club in Virginia has been told it cannot meet in a church, cannot pray and cannot read the Bible. And new guidelines from 4-H headquarters restrict expressions of Christianity at every 4-H chapter because they can “create a barrier.”

The Pathfinders 4-H Club in Montgomery County, Va., has emphasized community service for 17 years. But now one parent is objecting to the club doing community service “for the glory of God.” 

4-H leader Karen Dawkins said she is baffled by the discrimination.

“The kids wrote the constitution, the kids are the ones that have the chaplain and they read from the Bible and pray before we start our club meetings," she said. "And they (National 4-H) told us we can’t do that because it’s too specific.”

National 4-H, which comes under the Department of Agriculture, is claiming “separation of church and state.” President Bush has been asked to intervene.

“I would like National 4-H to change the policy," Dawkins said, "and say that each club is autonomous and can decide what their program area is and if there is a religious background."

Ask the National 4-H to allow its clubs to incorporate religious expressions. You can find contact information through our Action Center.


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