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News Release: Anti-Violence Group Sends Letter Supporting the Boy Scouts to Philadelphia's New Mayor

If you would like to contact Philadelphia's new Mayor -- Michael Nutter -- and express your concerns, why not take a few minutes to show support for the Cradle of Liberty Scout Council.


Here's the contact info: 


Mayor's Executive Office
Room 215 City Hall
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Fax# (215) 686-2180


Betty Kibler, Executive Secretary
(215) 686-2181


Joyce Wilkerson, Chief of Staff
Phone (215) 686-7508




American Family Association of Pennsylvania





CONTACT:  Diane Gramley   1.814.437.5355 or 1.814.271.9078


Anti-violence Group Sends Letter Supporting the Boy Scouts to Philadelphia Mayor-elect Michael Nutter


(Philadelphia) – Today Philadelphia swears in a new mayor . . .  one who faces escalating murder and street violence rates.  The American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA), a statewide anti-violence group, faxed a letter to mayor-elect Michael Nutter asking him to support the Cradle of Liberty Scout Council (COLBSA). 


“The Boy Scouts help keep possible trouble makers off the street.  Participation in the Scouts gives these boys a purpose, provides them with activities to funnel their energies, yet this is all being overlooked in the fight that pits homosexual activists’ demands against the well-being of Philadelphia's youth.  Additionally, our letter informed incoming Mayor Nutter that over 1,200 people had signed a petition supporting the Scouts and outgoing Mayor Street, City Council President Anna Verna and City Council Member Darrell Clarke each had received copies of those names and addresses.  These individuals are still awaiting a response,” noted Diane Gramley, President of the AFA of PA.


The Scouts face a May 31st eviction from the headquarters they built in 1929 on property the 1928 Philadelphia City Council gave them free use of ‘in perpetuity.’  The alternative to eviction is a $200,000 annual rental fee.  What will this cost the youth of Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties?  It will come out of money for programs aimed at the youth in those three counties --  30 new Cub Scout packs, or 800 needy kids going to summer camp.


The letter to Michael Nutter says in part:


‘As you well know, COLBSA faces an eviction notice from the City of Philadelphia if they do not begin paying $200,000 in annual rent.  What is the problem?  Have they placed the youth in their charge in danger?  Have they strayed from their mission of teaching good character, responsibility to their family and community, a good work ethic?  No, they have not.  What they have done is adopt a non-discrimination policy that says they will not accept ‘prejudice, intolerance or unlawful discrimination in any form’ within the ranks of the Cradle of Liberty Scout Council.  But this is not good enough for homosexual activists, apparently because it does not specifically include ‘sexual orientation.’  They say this is against the city’s Fair Practices Ordinance which made this change in 1983. 


One must ask:  Why are the Boy Scouts’ good works being ignored and the demands of a very small percentage of individuals with an agenda to normalize homosexual acts allowed to override what is best for the youth of Philadelphia?’ 
--end portion of letter


“Again the youth of Philadelphia are being held hostage by a handful of homosexual activists who are seeking to have their dangerous lifestyle normalized even if it means penalizing the efforts of the Boy Scouts in teaching boys to be honorable, responsible and trustworthy.  If Philadelphia carries out its eviction or $200,000 rental plans for the Boy Scouts, this will be an additional disgrace to the entire state of Pennsylvania,” Gramley concluded.


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