Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pennsylvania's Emergency Room Crisis in the News


ER Crisis in the News


USA Today ran a story today about a Harvard Report that shows a sharp increase in emergency room visits throughout the nation along with with a decrease in available emergency rooms.

Numerous patients are forced to use emergency rooms in order to see a doctor because they do not have appropriate access to primary care physicians and specialists.

As a result, patients have waited up to 12 hours to see an ER physician.

Do you know of any patients who have been harmed or lost their lives because of emergency room physician shortages?

If so, PAPA needs your story!

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Rendell Claims Crisis is Over

A press released dated January 14 from the Governor's office claims the "medical malpractice climate" has improved in Pennsylvania. In October, the Governor announced the crisis was over...and that it never really existed.

The press release is a pitch to gain support for the Governor to take money from the MCARE Fund to finance his so-called "Cover all Pennsylvanians" plan. The MCARE fund was created to subsidize physician malpractice insurance costs.

If the crisis is over, then why are physicians still put in a position where they are forced to accept subsidies in order to stay in practice? If the crisis is over, then why has the most populated quadrant of Philadelphia lost all of its maternity units with no relief in sight?

Clearly, Pennsylvania remains in a severe medical liability lawsuit abuse crisis. Call your state representative and your state senator today and tell them to demand Governor Rendell address Pennsylvania's medical liability lawsuit abuse crisis in his "Cover All Pennsylvanians" and "RX for PA" proposals.

Not sure who your representatives are? Call PAPA at 215-271-9590. If you prefer, email us at ken@fightingdocs.com with your full address and zip code for both home and your place of practice.

Physician Protect Thyself!

PAPA has forged relationships with several highly reputable physician-owned businesses that can help protect you from frivolous medical liability lawsuits.

While we are making progress in the battle for tort reform, the crisis is far from over. Consider protecting your hard-earned career and reputation today.

Call PAPA today at 215-271-9590 for more information.

Let P.A.P.A. be your voice!

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