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Reaching Out to Youth at Pro-Homosexual Events

This is exactly what people should be doing at these local events. Bravo,
Jeanne, for your courage and caring heart.

From Concerned Women for America

Local CWA Leader Reaches Out to Youth at Homosexual Pressure Group Event


How you can reaching out to youth targeted by homosexual pressure groups.

Concerned Women for America (CWA) of New York's most recent state newsletter
featured the moving story of one CWA prayer/action chapter leader's effort
to reach out to young people targeted by homosexual activists. CWA shares
her story with you so that you can know how to pray for the young people who
face such intense pressure from homosexual activists and to give you ideas
for your own efforts to reach out to your own community when it's challenged
in similar ways.

For the ninth straight year, the Hudson Valley chapter of the homosexual
pressure group Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network (GLSEN) held a
conference called PrideWorks. The December 3rd event targeted young people
who have to pay a fee to attend even though PrideWorks boasted seven
"generous sponsors" including two Westchester County, New York government
agencies and Planned Parenthood. (For your own high school student to go,
the fee was $30). Still, fundraising was not the main purpose of the daylong
event which featured workshops on "Gender Construction" and how to advance
the normalization of homosexuality in middle school - in its words, "the
latest trend in the US!"

Prayer/Action Chapter Leader Jeanne Sparks has a heart for young people. She
was moved to do her best to present a case for healing to the young people
who will never hear such a message from groups like GLSEN. Here's her story:

"I was outside the White Plains County Center at 8:00 a.m. with a friend
giving out the brochure by Exodus International "Do I Have to be Gay?" and
the personal testimony brochure of Stephen Bennett "I WAS GAY." We were
welcoming the students as they got off the buses with a warm smile and these
brochures. After about a half an hour, we were asked to leave the premises.
We were told we were on private property and that the police were called and
were going to arrest us ... so we left. When I got home, I called the county
police who informed me that the property is not private, and, yes, I could
pass out literature, and, yes, I can speak but not obscenely or rudely, nor
can I block the traffic of pedestrians. Many brochures were given out in the
morning and I am grateful for that.

At the noon lunch break, I returned and this time was alone. I was able to
speak to a group of about 15 kids on the steps of the county center. I was
able to tell them they are not born gay and that change is possible if they
want it. Some mocked, some were angry, but two young men quietly came to my
side and seemed to be sincere in their questioning. They both took the
brochures. I assured them God loves them and that change is possible and
that feelings may not change right away or even for a long time, but change
is a process.

One young girl yelled out "I am Jewish." I said, "I have something for you,
too" and gave her a brochure by Jews Offering New Alternatives to
Homosexuality (JONAH). Another young girl asked, "Can I have one of those? I
am a Jewish atheist." She got one as well. The Catholic ministry called
Courage also gave brochures to me, and we passed out those to Catholic

I was a bit nervous going back at the 3:00 p.m. dismissal time. It appeared
they had been warned about us, and they would not come near me, walking to
the far left or right staircases to get to the buses. The few who did
approach me were mocking, saying things like "I love being gay." "I love
(expletive deleted)." "Be gay with me." My heart aches for these kids, the
loud ones, the mean ones, the quiet ones, the sad ones, the confused ones,
all of them.

GLSEN discriminates against persons with a Biblical worldview and will not
tolerate the voice of ex-gays or those helped by reparative therapy. School
boards must be made aware of this. If you disagree with the homosexual
platform, GLSEN considers you to be a homophobe or bigot. GLSEN's view is
flawed because they do not practice what they teach. Respect for all
persons? I think not."

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