Saturday, January 03, 2009

A Message of Encouragement from Congressman Lamborn

From: Cassel, Jon []

Conservative Christian friends,


This message below comes from a friend in Washington: Congressman Lamborn is from Colorado, and is one of many committed Christians in Washington. After the shellacking we seem to have taken in the last election, this is a word of encouragement for us.


I do want you to know across PA that the newly-elected representative to our 5th congressional district is Republican Glenn(‘GT’) Thompson of Howard, Centre County. GT is a solid brother in the Lord and a personal friend, and will be going to Washington for his very first time, replacing the long-serving John Peterson. Know that GT will be a consistent vote for us in the Christian community, and I ask for your prayers for him and his wife Penny as they soon begin this new undertaking.


Let us all do our part so that God may be able to bless America!






Prayer Partners for Congressman Lamborn


1.      With the new Congress and president coming into office in January, pray that our country stays grounded on traditional values and conservative principles.

2.      Pray for Israel’s protection from rocket attacks and that true peace will come to the Middle East.

3.      Pray for the Lamborns’ protection and that God will strengthen them to be witnesses for conservative and biblical values.


Just a note:

This is not a time to be discouraged about the future.  In fact, Christians must rise to the occasion and accept the call to pray for the future of our nation and be even more actively involved than ever before. 


We would be wise to heed the advice given by our Founding Father John Hancock, “I conjure you, by all that is dear, by all that is honorable, by all that is sacred, not only that ye pray but that ye act.”


Some Christians have taken the attitude that all is lost and America has gone too far to ever recover. But the Bible teaches that regardless of how things may look, it is still our duty to do what is right and fight for what is right. We have been blessed to be stewards of our government, and what we do and how we act determines the laws we live under and the leaders that rule over us.  We need to take the advice of another Founding Father, Rev. John Witherspoon, who said:  “Shall we establish nothing good because we know it cannot be eternal? . . . Because we know that we shall die, shall we take no pains to preserve or lengthen our life?  Far from it, Sir: it only requires  the more watchful attention to settle government upon the best principles and in the wisest manner so that it may last as long as the nature of things will admit.”


Remember: No matter who is in leadership, God is still in control.


Rev. John Witherspoon put it this way: "Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty, as well as the privilege and interest of our Christian nation, to select and prefer Christians for their rulers." In other words, it’s not too late until it’s too late, so let us fight while we can still fight.


I encourage you to be optimistic concerning the future.  Don’t be fearful or discouraged, for “with God, all things are possible.”  God has promised to keep us in hard times, and God still sits on the throne and rules in heaven and on earth.

Sometimes God allows painful things in order to bring about His plan and purposes. This can cause Christians and non-Christians alike to turn to God and bring about a great spiritual revival.


Pray with me that God will bring revival to America so souls can be saved and righteousness triumphs!



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