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Babies Saved from Abortion - Reports From The Virginia Streets

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Hi Friends,

Sidewalk outreach at abortuaries saves lives!

Here are three recent accounts.

April 4, 2007 (Report from Mary Penner)"Jerry and I were on the sidewalk. A family came walking past us into the mill. The mother and daughter walked right on as I talked with them but the father stopped, listened and took some literature. A while later they came back out, all smiles. I said, "It's good to see you leaving this place." They replied, "Yes, we changed our mind." I said, "Great, Praise God, I knew there was a reason we were supposed to be here today." The father turned anound and agreed with me as they walked away."

April 5, 2007 (Report from Mary Penner)"(Report from Mary Penner) I was at the mill with Paul Trout. A young couple approached and I talked with them. I caught the woman's attention when I mentioned that abortion hurts women and we talked for a while. She took some literature and walked on in saying, "I'll think about that." They came out a little while later and she said, "no abortion." "So you're not going to do it", I asked. "I'm still thinking about it", she replied. I prayed with her and they left with my advice to go to the CPC as she "thinks".

April 28, 2007 A large group of Christians showed up for outreach at RMCW. A woman arrived to have her baby aborted and was approached by some Mt. Gilead brothers and sisters. They ministered to the woman and she decided to let her child live.

Human Garbage 1.JPG

Above is a photo of some of the babies leaving in much the same way as the days accumulation of garbage. Few, if any will give these babies a second thought. Much like other refuse, they will be incinerated and forgotten. We show the value we place on these babies by our response. Will we quickly forget that more will leave in boxes next week?

These are just several of the many stories from the street. Will you speak out on behalf of the children scheduled to be killed at your local abortuary? If you don't who will?

Consider joining LLM as we speak out on behalf of the murdered preborn. Contact Dennis Green for details.

For information about how you can get involved in the ongoing daily outreach at Richmond area abortion mills, contact LLM for details. We can be reached at (804)492-9216 or

Keep Us On The Street

Please help keep us on the street to minister on behalf of the children scheduled to be killed. Babies are saved and the Gospel is preached as we daily minister on the streets and at the killing centers. If you can''t be there, please help those of us who are. One-time gifts or monthly support helps to cover the cost of literature, fuel, vehicle repairs, and missionary support (family of twelve), etc. etc. Thank you.

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