Friday, May 04, 2007

Street markers a sign of Philly's quest for homosexual tourists, says activist

Street markers a sign of Philly's quest for homosexual tourists, says activist


Allie Martin


May 4, 2007



A pro-family leader in Pennsylvania says families should stay away from Philadelphia until city officials there stop catering to homosexuals. Philadelphia Mayor John Street recently took part in the unveiling of 36 permanent rainbow street signs in an area near the historic district known for its large homosexual population.


One homosexual news website declares that the rainbow-branded street signs are "an internationally-recognized welcome symbol" that demonstrates Philadelphia's "commitment to diversity and inclusiveness." But Diane Gramley, president of the American Family Association of Pennsylvania, contends the presence of the signs in an area known as the "Gayborhood" is an affront to Pennsylvanians like herself who view homosexual acts as immoral.


According to Gramley, the city was prompted by the Philadelphia Gay Tourism Caucus to approve the street signs. "What the city of Philadelphia is doing is looking for the homosexual [tourism] dollars," she says. "They need to know that if they are going to be accommodating homosexuals, then they're going to lose the traditional family dollars."


The city of Philadelphia is not family friendly, says Gramley -- and families should not choose Philadelphia as a vacation spot, she adds. The AFA of Pennsylvania leader believes a loss in tourism dollars is the only way the city is going to get the message.


"Let's face it," she says; "the majority of people in America hold traditional values, or they at least believe that homosexual acts are not right -- and we need to just send that message to Philadelphia."


Gramley says the country's Founding Fathers would be appalled that Philadelphia is now being touted as a "mecca" for homosexual tourists.




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