Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Casino-Free Philly: The Results are In!



The Results are In!

After nearly a week of meticulously counting paper ballots, the full results of the Philly's Ballot Box citizens' referendum are finally in! The citizens' ballot is a resounding success with 13,319 votes counted in a historical day of civil action.

Total votes: 13,319
Total Yes: 12,592 (95%)
Total No: 727 (5%)

How Philadelphians chose to vote in Philly's Ballot Box:
Physical ballots cast at polling locations: 8510 (64%)
Physical ballots cast at non-polling locations: 936 (7%)
Online ballots cast: 3030 (23%)
Phone-in ballots cast: 843 (6%)

Full results available here:

Our turnout per precinct was 68.2% of active voters at each precinct where we had a Philly's Ballot Box. Even if every person who walked past our ballot box had cast a NO vote, we still would have won with 66% of the vote!

A resounding victory.

The large turnout and nearly unanimous support for a reasonable standard on casino development were a direct result of the incredible effort put forth by all our volunteers. On Election day we had 293 volunteers staffing 57 precincts, our phone-in hot line, and operations at our headquarters. Volunteers donated a total 1896 volunteer hours on Election Day, and another 288 hours counting the votes over the following 5 days.

The results are undeniable. Philadelphia has spoken and the message is clear. We want a buffer between casinos and neighborhoods. These results are our mandate, and from here we move to have our voices heard in City Hall and in Harrisburg.

Take that to the State

Want to tell our state representatives that they should create some minimum standards to protect neighborhoods? Write a letter to State Representatives to support State Rep Babette Joseph's proposed legislation to create a 1,500-foot buffer.

Do it now -- it only takes a few seconds -- at:


Open House & What's Next?

Join us for a Casino-Free Philadelphia Summit. All advocates are invited to join us in planning the next steps for Casino-Free Philadelphia. We especially welcome members from the DRNA and other citywide organizations to offer their insights and suggestions on the future direction of the anti-casino movement.

The Anti-Casino Movement Summit
230 N. 2nd Street, 1st Floor
Thursday, May 24, 2007
7:00 PM
Open House 5:30 PM

Come early and be part of our open house. If you are a volunteer, donor, potential donor, voter, or otherwise interested person, please come and review election results, videos, and pictures. Snacks provided!

Support the cause!

We are turning a corner as political pressure is accumulating. Politicians are beginning to do their job and try to find real solutions to the casino problem. Now more than ever we need your money to keep the fight up! Please give what you can -- every dollar counts. You can donate on our website or send a check now to PO Box 63724, Philadelphia, PA addressed to Casino-Free Philadelphia.


- The Staff of Casino-Free Philadelphia
Jethro, Daniel, Karim, Paul, Shirley, Kathy, and Fritz
on behalf of the whole Casino-Free Philadelphia Team

Casino-Free Philadelphia | PO Box 63724, Philadelphia, PA 19147 | www.CasinoFreePhila.org

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