Thursday, May 17, 2007

Let us know about your protests at Planned Parenthood

Let us know about your protests at Planned Parenthood


We know that stories like the one above happen all the time across the country but rarely are recognized beyond the bounds of the local community. Because of this American Life League is in the process of compiling a list of groups that meet to protest Planned Parenthood on a regular basis. By providing this list of local protests across the country we hope to increase interest in both members of the media and individuals in your community who would like to become active in the fight.


We ask that you please help us to make this list as complete as possible.


If your community holds a regular protest against Planned Parenthood please send an e-mail to us at and provide the name of your organization, the location of the Planned Parenthood clinic, what days and times your protests are scheduled and any contact information for your group.

Source: American Life League. The Wednesday STOPP Report


California STOPPers employ unique tactic in fighting Planned Parenthood


American Life League recently received a letter from Marge Crotty in Napa, California. She told us about a unique and effective tactic that members of her community have employed to visibly protest the evil work of Planned Parenthood:


                One rainy morning as our group met to say the rosary in front of Planned Parenthood, we noticed that half of us carried red umbrellas. We noticed the extra attention that we got from the public and it occurred to us that red would be a great color for us to adopt. Red for the blood shed by the nation’s largest abortion provider; red for the Holy Spirit, who inspires us as we speak to young mothers entering the clinic and speaks for us as we pray. Umbrellas, too, are a symbol of the tears which are shed and should be shed for a nation that kills its most vulnerable. It has been a year since we adopted red umbrellas as our symbol (and rain or shine they are practical as well.)


                We meet each Thursday after 9 a.m. Mass at St. Thomas Aquinas Church. And just as artists point out that a spot of red on a landscape makes a difference, we hope that our spots of red make a difference, however slight on the contemporary landscape.


                We have at least once success story from Birthright of Napa. The director tells us that one day a client came in and said, “the red umbrella ladies sent me here.”


We commend the dedication of these people who are a peaceful, prayerful presence regularly at their local PP clinic. We also applaud the ingenious ways they have strengthened the effectiveness of their presence.


It is a good idea to adopt a similar “symbol” for your actions at Planned Parenthood. First of all the repetition of an item such as a red umbrella will draw extra attention to the protest by passersby as well as the media. Such a visual cue also will be a way to clearly distinguish one’s self from Planned Parenthood’s escorts that may be present at the site. Finally a symbol such as this will further unify the efforts of those who participate in your local fight against Planned Parenthood.

Source: American Life League. The Wednesday STOPP Report

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