Thursday, May 17, 2007

Planned Parenthood defiantly continues to protect rapists

Planned Parenthood defiantly continues to protect rapists


For years Life Dynamics (LDI) has played a key role in exposing the scandalous protection of rapists and molesters that Planned Parenthood is involved in. When LDI first came out with the audio recordings of Planned Parenthood staff clearly refusing to report suspected rape and abuse and even instructing girls to lie about their age the lid of this scandal was blown way off. However since that time the controversy has died down some, the public has forgotten.


That is until now. Last week we reported that a suit is being brought against PP in Cincinnati for failing to report the abuse of a 16 year old. Now, a group of students from UCLA caught Planned Parenthood on tape instructing a girl to lie about her age so that they could get around reporting suspected abuse.


This blatant disregard for the law and for the health and safety of young women is a clear violation of state law and as such may disqualify PP for government funding.


We encourage you to share the fact that there is increasing evidence that Planned Parenthood protects rapists and child molesters by refusing to report suspected abuse. Inform your family and friends, write letters to your local newspaper. Write letters to your government officials asking for an investigation into Planned Parenthood’s operations and insist that its government money be taken away since it is clearly disregarding the law.


We have created a flier to be used in conjunction with any efforts to inform the public how Planned Parenthood protects rapists. We invite you to download the flier for free and use it to educate your local community. In addition to handing it out as a flier, it makes a great newspaper ad. To get your own copy, downloaded here.


However you do it just make sure that you get the message out: Planned Parenthood protects child predators!

Source: American Life League. The Wednesday STOPP Report


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