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May 26, 2007 Harrisburg Events location moved - Jesus Day & Global Day of Prayer!

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IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please take notice of change.  Due to circumstances beyond our control the Jesus Day Concert / Global Day of Prayer Service has been moved to a new location.

Second Church (parking lot)

251 Verbeke Street,

Harrisburg Pennsylvania 


Also note:  FREE lunch from 2 PM till 4 PM.  Hope you can join us. 

Public Service Announcement:

Jesus Day Concert
Global Day of Prayer
May 26, 2007
12 Noon till 7 PM 

Green & Forster Streets

moved to:

parking lot at 251 Verbeke Street
Harrisburg PA


Jesus Day developed out of a desire to see "A day on earth as it is in Heaven".  Encouraging organizers to reach out to the hungry, the fatherless, the suffering, and fill the streets with singing.  Throughout the United States and even in several nations, cities will be expressing this vision in many different ways.  Each year a focus is also given.  This theme often becomes a significant part of the planning and in 2007 it is "Jesus Christ was given. . so we could be FORGIVEN".   If you would desire more information about Jesus Day go to  


Locally, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, we will be hosting a Jesus Day Concert and encouraging others to find ways to bless the city, by prayer walking and implementing acts of kindness.  The concert will start at 12 Noon with a local band of younger adults called "Emptiless".   The afternoon will be filled with many different groups in several different venues.   


Later in the day the Harrisburg organizers will unite with the vision of Global Day of Prayer.  It is a rising movement of prayer for renewal and revival that began in Cape Town, South Africa at the dawn of the millennium.  It then swept across Africa and the earth, when the first Global Day of Prayer began in 2004.  Approximately 250 million Christians in 198 countries joined in repentance and prayer this past year in 2006. 


Here in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, on May 26, 2007, Christians will gather together for a prayer service, beginning at 6 PM.  To take part in the service as a prayer leader, to find out how to volunteer, or if you would like to receive more information, contact the March for Jesus office at 717-732-0910.  View the Global Day of Prayer website at   Everyone is welcome to join us.  


Ross & Ruth Willard, Directors

March for Jesus
717-732-0910 office


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