Friday, June 08, 2007

Opposing Pre-K Counts Via a News Conference-June 13th in Capitol Rotunda

From: Ted Clater []

Contacts statewide.


Today I provide you with a brief update so that your prayer and conversation can include the latest information.


  1. The Rendell Administration continues to push for universal pre-Kindergarten for all students via their Pre-K Counts program.  While they are pushing for their $75 million for 4-year old children, they will be content with less IF they get the program started.  Once our state budget starts to fund universal care for 4-year-old, the principle has been laid and they can easily expand to more districts and to lower age groups.


  1. The leaders in the legislators are now meeting in efforts to frame the budget.  This is a crucial time in the process.


  1. A number of us continue to “fight back” here at Harrisburg against the “Pre-K Counts” program.    


  1. It is urgent that citizens from throughout the state continue to contact their representative and senator to Harrisburg in opposition to this program.


  1. We are organizing a media event, a press/news conference for Wednesday, June 13, in the Capitol Rotunda.  I need two things of you all:


4-A. Prayer.  Please uphold the KCEA staff and the general cause (for a whole coalition is working together in this effort) in your prayer.  There is much to do and it must be done with professionalism.


4-B.  Kids.  I need a bunch of little kids with a parent or grandparent so that the TV cameras do not just picture a bunch of “old adults” talking about “dry old theories” of state budgets and education pedagogy.  I do not need thousands for it is not our attempt to have a mass rally.  But our cause will be benefited if we have dozens and dozens of little kids, age infant through age five or so.  (Obviously, other ages are fine, but we want the cameras to see the bright, smiling faces of young children – opposed to “Pre-K Counts.”)


Who do you know personally that can be asked to get to the Rotunda on Wednesday at noon for this important event?  Those coming should arrive early enough to get through security and assemble on the grand, white marble stairs behind the podium.  We anticipate that the news conference will begin promptly at noon and the presentation and Q & A time with the press should be accomplished with 30 to 40 minutes.  Rest rooms are very close by.     


Yes, who do YOU know?


Well, if you know of one or a few, please approach them and enlist them.  IT IS IMPORTANT! 


This would be a great service to our effort and it would be a fine family field trip. 


If possible, inform me by e-mail as to who (or how many) is coming so I have an advanced glimpse of the response level.


In addition be having children with bright, smiling faces and their accompanying adult(s), it would be good if these kids and adults created a poster.  The poster could be on a stick (like a ruler or yardstick) or it could be held without.  The reading on the poster should address the issue at hand.  Here are seven illustrations of good “sayings”:


I want Christian Pre-K

Choices are Good

I want Values in my Education

Pre-K Counts Costs – EITC Pays

“One-size-fits-all” Doesn’t Fit

My Children, My Choice

No Pre-K Counts.  Lower Taxes


If and as you have questions, please feel free to contact me.




P.S.  If you need an additional copy of the documents I transmitted previously (the two Legislative Alert messages and the article in The Observer), please let me know.  These are good to get into the church bulletins, now!  

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