Friday, June 08, 2007

Petition to Investigate the ACLU for its Support of Pornography

From Stop the ACLU Coalition

Sign the Petition to Investigate the ACLU

Written by Nedd Kareiva

Wednesday, 06 June 2007

If you are concerned about the runaway ACLU freight train, I urge you to
sign the petition to Alberto Gonzales and the U.S. Justice Dept. It is
about time the ACLU be investigated for its ties to pornography and this
most recent story (see below) is the catalyst for the federal government to
get to the bottom of this organization and rein it in.

Pass the word on!

When we get a certain number of signatures (in the thousands, preferably at
least 100,000), we will personally deliver them to the Justice Dept., that
is if they haven't begun an investigation on its own.

Thank you!

Petition at

From Stop the ACLU Coalition:

As you may or may not know by now, the former director of the ACLU of
Virginia was sentenced last week to 8 years for possession of "graphic &
violent" child p0rn0graphy. If you are not familiar with this case, you can
click here to read more, along with links to an earlier timeline of the
events leading up to the conviction of Charles Rust-Tierney.

As a result of this story, along with the ACLU's historical stance in
defense of p0rn0graphy and ties to supporters of it, I have set up a
petition that you can sign to! insist that U.S. Attorney General Alberto
Gonzales & the Justice Dept. will launch a top to bottom probe of the ACLU
to determine whether it is linked to criminal activity. We are not
necessarily saying that the ACLU, often called by its opposition the
American Criminal Liberties Union, is a criminal enterprise but given its
long standing support and defense of p0rn0graphy without restrictions and
the current case in Virginia, we believe a thorough investigation is
warranted to determine whether it is and we hope you agree.

When we obtain a certain number of petitions, preferably in the tens or
hundreds of thousands, we will hand deliver them to the Justice Dept. to
urge them to do their job and "check the ACLU out". Hopefully the Justice
Dept. will begin without our help but since that is unlikely, we encourage
you to nudge them to conduct this investigation.

Please be sure to sign the petition and forward it to those in your address
book and your friends, family and co-workers. Thank you.

Petition at

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