Sunday, June 24, 2007

Pro-Life NEA/NJEA demo attract FOX NEWS & others: Bob Pawson

Subject: Pro-Life NEA/NJEA demo attract FOX NEWS & others: Bob Pawson


Dear PA, NJ, DE Pro-Lifers,


A FOX NEWS producer contacted me today about the pro-life pickets of July 1 NEA in Phila and July 2 NJEA in Trenton. [She is the same FOX producer who set up the interview between FOX's Lauren Green and myself this past April about the "Mock Hostage Drill with 'Christian' Terrorists" at the Burlington high school.]


I've already had a 30 minute chat with a reporter from the Washington Times who has been assigned to actually attend the NEA Convention for the whole week. More media outlets will surely be making contact this coming week as the date draws closer.



It is VITAL that we continue to recruit as many people as possible to come out to support this picket.


PLEASE: Keep informing folks about this event. Encourage them to come to either or both events.


Announce it in church tomorrow and July 1 (last minute!). Send e-mails. Make phone calls. Etc.


Finally, PLEASE DO call me or send me an e-mail TODAY... with an approximate count (conservative) of how many folks you KNOW are actually coming due to your recruiting efforts.


We CAN and MUST take THIS rare opportunity to make as strong a showing as possible to highlight the NEA's pro-abortion activism.


You can see the basic press release at    Or... if you Google search "NEA Pawson prolife", you will see a growing number of articles and pro-life blogs about the event.


Thank you.


In His Service for LIFE,

><> Bob Pawson


P.S. Reminders of scheduled PRO-LIFE media coverage to PROMOTE the event:


"Voices for the Unborn" 1/2 hour interview for Monday June 25  @ 11:30 ET broadcast on WPPX - 60 cable TV systems. CHeck your local listing for exact g


VFTU Newspaper July issue (already under distribution in 40 states) has major article.


Pawson will be a guest on the live, call-in RADIO talk show VOICES for the UNBORN this Wed, 6/27, 10-11 AM on WISP 1570 AM (webcast on Call in to show: 215-345-1570

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